Thermal Aid Bear and Small Sectional Heating and Cooling Packs Review/Giveaway

Thursday, May 9, 2013

You know those days when your body is aching and you don't feel well? How about the days when your little ones have a fever and you just want to make everything better? There are several options to bring a temperature down, but the best way to do so without medicine or uncomfortable treatments is simply to stay hydrated and use a cooling pack. Cooling packs offer the same kind of relief from fever as heating packs offer from sore muscles. Sometimes it can be hard to find something suitable to use. Most people I know use a washcloth and hot water or ice (depending on if you want hot or cold), or a sock filled with rice in the microwave. It is always such a hassle trying to maintain the correct temperature. The washcloth has a way of getting your pillow wet and then keeping it from drying. This is where Thermal Aid comes into play. The versatile packs that they offer act as both a heat and cooling pack. Thermal Aid was kind enough to send me two different cooling/heating packs to review. I was sent the purple bear,  which is perfect for kids, and the small sectional which is great for adults. 

Heating and cooling packs by Thermal-Aid were developed by our Bio-Engineers and Doctors that worked closely with milling experts using a unique patented process, which removes the embryo/germ tip cap and outer coat from each kernel of corn. This leaves the purest and cleanest portion of the corn product. This process hardens the specialized de-germinated corn, allowing it to hold temperatures evenly for long periods of time. It also eliminates mold, fungi and foul odors often associated with natural heating/cooling products.
The bear came in handy for the first time the other day with my little girl. She had to come home early from school but not in the way she would want. She came home with a fever and did not feel good at all. I went and got the Thermal Aid bear popped it into the freezer for a few hours. Of course I had to give her a cooled washcloth until the bear was cooled all the way. When the bear was ready it was chilled, but not ice cold. It was at a temperature that you could cuddle with and not freeze. My little girl just cuddled with the bear and you could tell she liked it so much better then a cold wet washcloth. I was surprised at how well the bear kept cool after I removed it from the freezer.

The heating of the bear works just as well. You simply toss it into the microwave making sure it does not touch the sides and heat for 45-60 seconds. Yes, the heating of the bear is much faster than the cooling. This is great for kids with growing pains, sore muscles from playing, sprains and so many other things. These packs are going to get plenty of uses in my house.
The Thermal Aid small sectional is perfect for my hubby and I. We both suffer from sore backs, migraines, neck pains, leg cramps and more. This size could also be used for kids too. The process is the same as the bear, toss in the freezer for up to 5 fives hours to freeze or in the microwave for 45-60 seconds to heat up.

My hubby and I both have used this several times. Sometimes it is a competition as to who gets to use it. My hubby uses it more for his back and legs while I have used it more for my headaches and leg cramps. We both have really found this thermal aid pack very useful and it is now our go-to item when we need something cold or hot on our body issues.

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