Bits Limited Smart Strip Energy Saving Smart Surge Protector Review/Giveaway

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Have you ever heard of the dreaded moments when the electric goes out and expensive electronics that were  plugged in never work again? Power surges go through our lines when the electric goes out. I have been lucky not to experience this myself, but thunderstorms are a part of warm weather and every storm is a potential disaster for your favorite electric devices. I am really happy to share with you a company that not only offers products that helps with saving your electronics from the wrath of a power surge, but also help reduce your electric bills. Bits Limited sent me a Smart Strip Surge Protector that saves me money and protects my electronic belongings.

The LCG3 Energy Saving Smart Strip $39.95

Ten outlets work together, autoswitching your devices on/off automatically, to save you money on your electric bills. 1950 joules of surge protection keep your equipment safe from even the harshest power spikes. Conveniently-spaced outlets and a 45-degree, angled space saver plug make the Smart Strip a friendly addition to your electronic systems.

When I first opened my box to see the surge protector, I noticed was that it was not like any surge protector that I had seen before. I already have surge protectors of our television and computer areas. My older surge protectors were always simple little strips with 5 or 6 outlets and offered no protection.

This surge protector has 10 outlets with 4 adapter outlets with a cord that is 6 ft long. I decided to put this one with our tv in the living room. Since I have several things to plug into it I knew it would be the best place for it. With a tv, DVR, dvd player, PS3, sound bar, and phone, plus a few other things. I would be able to choose what would be best for what outlet on the protector.

I first plugged in my tv into the blue outlet as it is a control outlet. If I don't have my tv on then I don't need my other items such as the electronics for sounds, playing, and movies. I then plugged my DVR and phone into the Constant Hot which is red. These are the items that I do not want to turn off and I want them on at all times. The items that were left were for gaming, watching tv, and sound so these all went into the regular white outlets. These are the items that I don't run all the time just when needed.

So, the process to plug everything up was actually quite simple and the instructions were very easy to follow. I really like how everything is color coordinated and how you can save money with simply putting certain things into certain outlets. I think this item is very innovative and a great idea for a subtle stream of saving.

There is also a light to tell you if the ground and surge are OK and also a light to let you know if the outlets are switched. There is an on and off switch that lights up. I am really happy with how well this protector works on saving money and the protection if offers in the even of a power flicker to keep my electronics are  in great condition.

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  1. I like the outlet with 5 "arms".

  2. I like PowerSquid Surge Protector, 2,520 Joules, white case with 6' cord, 6 flexible outlets with white tips, phone line and coax cable protection

  3. I like the Kill-a-watt

  4. jennifer p - vivki vix on r/copterJune 4, 2013 at 7:36 AM

    Like the EmberCeptor Computer Energy Saving Surge Protection Series ... The PC-1000.

  5. I like the Sensor Plug Lighted Motion Sensing Outlet.

    Desiree Dunbar


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