Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snappy Socks Holiday 6 Pack Review

It seems like I am constantly searching the house for missing socks? We all are always losing socks and I really have no idea where they disappear off to. A few months ago I did a review on Snappy Socks which is offered by USA Dawgs. I was sent a pair for a little girl and they were super cute and worked very well. I now have been given the chance to do a review on Snappy Socks for me.

Snappy Socks offers style and ease with an innovative line of snap-to-fasten socks for children and yes even adults. The Snappy Socks are solving the age-old missing sock mystery. Snappy Socks is offering comfort in a number of designs including: cupcakes to race-cars, black boards with alphabets and apples, to camouflage, and more. You can easily fasten together the socks while being washed, thrown in a drawer for storage and everywhere in between.