Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bath & Body Works Wild Garden Collection Review

Bath & Body Works is the perfect name for allowing you to send your mind and senses on an exotic getaway, while at the same time pampering your body. With each new scent comes new sensations for us to enjoy. Each new collection they offer is taken with eager anticipation, because anyone familiar with the Bath & Body Works name knows the wonderful experience that comes with each offering.

This lush, wild, enticing and playful collection brings your shower into full bloom! Capturing the untamed wilderness of spring’s first bloom, the new Wild Garden scents burst with energy and shower you with love. Welcome the season with the enchanting experience of stepping into a Wild Garden—the ultimate refreshment.

Happy Mother's Day!

Cate and Levi Change Purse Review/Giveaway (US and Canada)

I love when I come across an item for my kids that is unique, safe and made of good materials. There is one thing that my little boy has been asking for sometime now, a wallet. Of course, I haven't come across a little wallet that will fit in the back of his pants pocket, so I thought "how about a change purse." Of course, you don't typically think boy and a change purse going hand in hand. So, when I had the chance to do a review on a Cate & Levi Change Purse, I was so excited. The selection was amazing not only for little girls but also for little boys.

SuperMarket Smarty Review

I do all the shopping in my household for a family of four, and I am always looking for something to make my shopping trips easier to handle. I do clip coupons a lot to save money. This only adds to the confusion sometimes. To make my shopping trip easier with coupons I look at the sales ad so I don't have to take a lot of my extra coupons. But I am looking for something that has me organized while shopping. I was sent the SuperMarket Smarty that helps so much with my shopping trips and really keeps me organized. 

The SuperMarket Smarty features a unique patent pending design that organizes, informs, and helps you plan your menu and grocery trips. The SuperMarket Smarty has a retail price of $9.99 and features:

The Baby Mama Saver ~ Mini Savers Review

Do you have the problem of being out shopping and then realizing you need something like lip balm or a pain reliever for a headache? There are so many last-minute items that you end up needing and have to swing into a gas station or store to buy since you didn't have it in the car. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a tiny little kit that had samples of everything that you could possible need for yourself or your kids. Mini Savers has sent me 'The Baby Mama Saver' which has come in handy with not only myself but also my kids.

Mini Savers are tiny kits full of all the necessities you may need at any moment. They are very cute and compact, enough to take on the go and can save you from many unfortunate situations. Mini Saver’s goal is to create countless savers for all occasions. Currently, there are two different savers: The Shame Saver, perfect for a girl’s night out, The Baby Mama Saver, The Festive Saver and also refills.