Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Post: Preparing For Your Newborn

Preparing For Your Newborn Bringing new life into the world is a very exciting and sometimes nerve wracking time, but there are ways you can prepare to make the transition into motherhood smoother. Careful planning is essential to keeping balance at home once baby arrives. Below is a list of various ways to help prepare you for what lies ahead:

Get Educated
Each childbirth experience and baby is different. While no amount of literature or advice can truly prepare you to become a mother, there are certain topics that are valuable to become educated on so you make the right choices for yourself. Learning about optional procedures like cord blood banking may also be of interest to you as a new mom. Stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood can be collected, stored for your family, and potentially used later in life to treat certain medical conditions that may arise for the baby or possibly a sibling. Whether you plan to have a natural birth or receive pain medication, taking child birth classes is something you will be thankful for once the big day comes. There are also many parenting classes available in most regions offering classes for caring for new babies. Some topics to research through books or online include:
● Childbirth Methods
● Postpartum Depression
● Breastfeeding
● Feeding Requirements For The Various Infant Stages
● Crying and Causes

Many expecting moms go through what is known as a nesting phase soon before the baby is born. This phase is characterized by a burst of energy and urge to get the "nest" ready for your newborn. If this happens, take advantage of it. This is the perfect time to use the energy to get the home clean and ready. It is also helpful to use this time to get the space you'd like for the nursery functional for you and your baby. Keep in mind, you may choose to have the baby sleep near you the first few weeks. Your newborn will need to eat every 2-4 hours depending on your feeding methods. Having a bassinet or co-sleeping unit can be beneficial during this time.

One important thing to remember before your little one arrives is not to be afraid to ask for help, whether this be from your partner, friends or family. If your support system is limited, you might want to start seeking out support groups or programs designed to help new moms. Having support especially for the first few weeks can be a great resource to have. However, if you will have little to no help, don't panic. Early on, it will take some adjustment, but even alone, you can get on a functional routine with your new baby.

Last Minutes Prep
When you’ve taken your birthing class, cleaned the entire house and prepared you nursery, it feels like it’s time to hurry up and wait. You can do some last minute preparations like packing your hospital stay bag and installing your infant’s car seat. For the hospital bag, you’ll need a couple of changes of clothes for mom and baby and comfort items like toiletries and maybe your favorite book. Installing the car seat properly can be done by someone at your local fire or police station if you need help. Another great last minute preparation is to cook meals that can be put away in the freezer for some quick dinners when you feel too tired to cook when baby comes home.
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Best ‘Triple Threat’ Films

Best Triple Threat Films

Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy Form the
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THIS MEANS WAR is a triple threat film, full of action, comedy and romance! In that same vein, this feature will highlight other great films that also offer a triple threat of entertainment, including Knight and Day, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and The Bounty Hunter.

They are the CIA’s best, trained for any situation…except one.  Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment plays the ultimate spy game as two best friends fight for the right of one woman’s hand in THIS MEANS WAR.  Starring Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line), Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises), the laugh-out-loud comedy gets even better on Blu-ray with three alternate endings that answer the question – what if she chose the other guy?