Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Man From The Snowy River Blu-ray Review


Featuring Kirk Douglas in a remarkable dual role and highlighted by a climactic chase involving 40 horsemen and 90 wild stallions thundering across snow-covered peaks, THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER is destined to become a legendary film. Set during the 1880's, when the Australian frontier was as wild and dangerous as the American West, the film follows the exploits of a handsome youth (Tom Burlinson) who sets out to tame a wild herd of horses. Taking on a challenge many men had attempted before him, he rides deep into the treacherous and untamed wilderness of his native timberlands where boys become men fast - or die trying.

Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for Refrigerator Review/Giveaway

How often do you forget to clean the fridge or simply pass on doing it because you do not have the time? If you asked me this question, I would honestly have to tell you that it happens all the time. It is one of those responsibilities that I cannot stand to do. So I often end up with a very unsorted and cluttered fridge. Every once in a while, that clutter comes with an odd smell. Of course, I do remove food when it gets old, I just don't like to take everything out and scrub it thoroughly very often. Then when the day comes and I know I have family coming over for a Birthday Party, a cook out, or simply just to visit, I have to go full-speed to clean it properly.I have been in need of a product to make my fridge smell great, even after my super-fast cleaning, preferably something that will help keep it smellng great in between cleans.

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TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY Blu-ray winner is #363 Patricia W.

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The Woodcarver DVD winner is #145 Judith A.

HANDy Paint Pail winner is #222 pamela j.

Empire Patio Covers winner is #10 Leanne M.

Learning Resources 'Measuring Motors' winner is #252 Laura S.

Box4Blox winner is #150 Patricia W.

Chasing Treasure ' Sleeping Kitty Cat Crystal Trinket Box' winner is #70 Pamela H.

Butt Bench winner is #303 Emillie R.

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