Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream 'BzzAgent' Review

Aging is a side-effect of life, and unfortunately it shows on our skin. You can only hide so much with makeup. You don't always want to have to apply makeup just to take your kids to school or check the mail, only to have to reapply it to go back out again later. Take a stand against signs of aging and fight back, instead of covering up. Take a step in the right direction of renewing, brightening, evening, and hydrating your skin with one single use of this amazing new product.  Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream, recognize the name? From a brand that is known for quality comes a new skin treatment that you can see and feel working. I want to thank BzzAgent for allowing me to review such a great product.

Conscious Box Review

Almost everywhere you turn, you are able to see how people are becoming more Eco-concious. More and more parents are now teaching their kids the importance of recycling, cutting down on waste, and keeping an eye on what goes into their family's bodies. In our home, we are doing the best we can to follow this trend. I was recently given an opportunity to work with Conscious Box, and I am excited over the opportunity to introduce you to a very Eco-friendly company. 

I am sure many of you are wondering, what is Conscious Box? Conscious Box offers a monthly subscription, subscribers receive one box a month. You may be wondering, what is in the Conscious box? Well, each month you can receive a box filled with product samples and coupons. These items are Eco-Friendly brands that range from well known, to not yet fully established. You never know what innovative new item you will get the chance to try out. This is the very first box that I have received and I have to say that I have found the box to be full of some very useful items that I will have no problem making use of.

Re-Pac Bags 'Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags' Review

Eliminating litter and doing our part to keep our world as natural as it has always been is more than just a passing thought, it is our responsibility. I have been making some changes in my life, trying to reduce the amount of plastic that I use. I always thought that using reusable shopping bags was the only possible change that would greatly reduce the amount of plastic that I require. Then, one day, I noticed all of the little sandwich baggies that I use, mainly for school and girl scouts. So I decided to try reusable baggie options, to cut down on plastic waste even more. I have tried several different reusable baggies, but when I came across Re-Pac bags, I knew that not only would these be helpful with my kid's lunches, but also other things I use baggies for on a daily basis and even some things that regular plastic baggies would not suffice. So far, I have been really impressed with just how functional, versatile and truly helpful the Re-Pac bags are.