Sunday, March 18, 2012

Me Giant Children's Clothing Review/Giveaway

I love to find cool and funny shirts for my little boy to wear, shirts that are just crazy. The first shirt I ever bought for him that was a kids funny t-shirt, he was six months old and it said "Daddy's Little Tax Deduction". Ever since then I have always been on the lookout for shirts like this one. When I came across Me Giant I immediately saw the humor in the shirts and couldn't believe how funny these shirts were for little kids. When it came to me choosing which shirt to go with for my little boy I was amazed at the selection and variety of shirts offered. I finally went with the one that said 'Bed Bug', as this is how he is every night when trying to go too bed.

What is Me Giant?

me – me, myself and I ( especially in the mind of a child)
giant – a person or thing of unusually great size, power or importance.

Fresh Picked Scents From Bath & Body Works Review

The scent of spring is in the air at Bath & Body Works! With the temperatures warming up, it is hard to believe that it is already here. A way to bring in the new weather is by enjoying an amazingly scented collection from Bath & Body Work that will transform your home to a festive springtime dwelling! I had the opportunity to review two different Fresh Picked scents Antibacterial Hand Soaps in Tangerine and Pear. These are priced at $5.50, so filling up each bathroom and your kitchen will be a breeze, just like the warm breeze that is bringing spring back to us again.

GelaSkins for iPad 2 Review

Today I would love to share a really cool company, GelaSkins, they offers tons of skins for so many different electronics that we have in our daily lives. They have skins for an iPads, iPhones, iPods, Laptops, Gaming skins, and even custom skins that you design, such as your company's logo or a family picture. The collection that is offered is amazing, and the images are a wonderful array of artistic expression. There is so much detail put into each image.

The Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A $29.95
  • Customize and protect the new iPad & iPad 2
  • The new iPad & iPad 2 GelaSkins are fully compatible with Apple Smart Covers
  • Our skins cover the front and back of the new iPad & iPad 2
  • 3M technology for easy application and clean removal 
  • Super-thin (less than 1mm) tough scratch protection
  • Avoid the bulk of other iPad cases with GelaSkins
  • Includes full access to the GelaSkins Wallpaper Gallery 

The Barefoot Executive 'Book Review'

The Barefoot Executive:
The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss & Achieving Financial Freedom
For the person who longs to run their business from home, author and highly successful entrepreneur Carrie Wilkerson says it is possible (she doesn't just say it though, she shows you how). In her new book, The Barefoot Executive, Carrie helps readers of all types understand the necessary ingredients in starting and running a lucrative home-based business. You’ll learn how to reclaim your time, determine your income, and change your lifestyle-all while keeping personal priorities intact.

Successful at running her own seven-figure business from home and being an active speaker on the subject, Carrie demonstrates business models with tables and charts in an easy-to-understand format. Chapters within the book include such subjects as finding a target markets, developing marketing strategies, and brand development. Especially important are the common pitfalls listed to avoid in starting a business from home.