Sunday, March 11, 2012

Philips Satin Perfect Epilator 'BzzAgent' Review

 If you are anything like me, shaving your legs can be a really annoying process. It is like a chore that I dread doing but, of course I don't want hairy legs, so I have to. Not to mention shaving your legs is a long and boring process: wetting you legs, cream or lotion up your legs, shave then rinse. It is such a stale routine that has to be done everyday. Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that would help improve the same old boring routine? Something that you wanted to do, not dreaded? Well, thanks to modern-day technology, and some innovative designing, that something has arrived courtesy of the Phillips Company.

HANDy Paint Pail Review/Giveaway

We have been talking for a while how we want to repaint the kids room and give them a new look. To be honest I love to paint, I know that may sound weird. The one thing I have found to be annoying when I paint is that I only have a roller pan. Which, of course, you need but there are times when you also need to paint around the windows, doors or tight little spots and a roller just isn't very functional. Then you try to use a brush from the pan to the wall and are left with a long trail of paint. Yes, this is me. So having the chance to do a review for HANDy Paint Pail left me super excited to try out a product that could help eliminate my trial of paint.

Urielle 'Revital Restorative & Conditioning Styling Treatment' Review/Giveaway

I color treat my hair on a daily basis, so I can keep it as blonde as possible. The only issue that comes with dying my hair often is that it can tend to get damaged. Then on top of the color treating, I use a blow dryer and straightener everyday as well. This all adds up to a list of potentially damaging routines that my hair must survive. How is a woman supposed to keep her hair from falling out, yet keep the beautiful hair she has grown fond of? And how does she bring back the soft and healthy look from years ago? Urielle has created a product called Revital that restores, conditions, and styles your hair. This product is completely compatible with all hair types, and is free of parabens, sulfates, propylene, glycol, DEA, TEA, or synthetic color and dyes. Uriélle Revitál-Treatment is never tested on animals.