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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nothing can really take the place of a good ole bicycle. I remember growing up; the one thing that made me so excited was the idea that I could be getting a new bicycle for my birthday, Christmas, or just a new summer toy. I put countless miles on bicycles as I used them to travel to my friends or bike on the paths around parks in my community.

Now days, kids have plenty of distractions to keep them cooped up indoors. So much has changed since I was younger. There are video games that look like reality. Movies that have more computer animation in them than the entire 90’s offered, and other things like mp3 players, cell phones, and modern computers that can do everything but cook. Bicycling is one of those hobbies that has stood the test of time and is one of the best options we have to get our kids outside while getting the exercise they need.

Turbospoke $22.99
Little has changed with bicycles, but there has been some evolution to them over the years. Most of these advancements have come in the form of accessories, or “cool upgrades” that make you kid’s two- wheeler even more of a “sweet ride”. One of the things I remember about bike upgrades when I was growing up was noisemakers. Little boys would put anything from playing cards to milk jugs in their spokes to make their bikes sound like motorcycles. It was the “cool thing” to do.

Today, if a boy wants his bike to sound like a motorcycle, TURBOSPOKE is here to help. It uses the old card in the spokes idea, and takes it to the next level. An actual pipe that looks like a motorcycle exhaust mounts on the back of the bike, by the wheel. Included is a plastic mount that attaches TURBOSPOKE to the bike and three interchangeable cards, each makes a different noise when inserted in the mount. It also comes with a toolkit for easy mounting, and stickers to add to the customized affect.

Let me just say, this looks and sounds much better than a cut and smashed piece of milk jug. The cards are very durable and weatherproof. Therefore, they will not fall apart at the first sign of rain. This thing really works, offering a more authentic motorbike sound, and will last as long as the bike does. When it is time for a new bike, TURBOSPOKE is easy to move to the new set of wheels.
This is perfect for little boys who love their bikes. Now they can make their noise without having to worry about constantly replacing cards and, thankfully, no more plastic jugs. His eyes will brighten with excitement, as his bicycle becomes a hot rod.

About the company: Schylling creates a unique collection of products that offer a variety and distinctive appeal to all of your customers. They focus on new products, new concepts and new play patterns with a variety of price-points to satisfy the ever changing appetite of the consumers.

Since their founding over 30 years ago, they have been dedicated to bringing joy to all who play with our products. They continue to specialize in Classic Toys. There is a timelessness to Schylling toys. Continually updating our products allows them to never go out of style.

Their commitment to Quality and Safety has always been given the highest priority at Schylling. The new children's product regulations in effect now are very far reaching. Complying with all of these requiresa tremendous effort and expense. They view these new regulations as an opportunity to stand above other toy companies and to give you a peace of mind. Their commitment to the safety of children is on our minds every day.

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Where to purchase:You are able to make a purchase from the Schylling website. Prices will vary depending on the item you purhcase. 

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