Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel & Ant Bait Review/Giveawy

Friday, August 31, 2012

Ants, those little pesky crawling things that tend to be everywhere, especially this time of year. Every Spring and Summer we have a huge problem with them. I know why. My kids tend to sometimes leave a trail of crumbs as they walk and eat, yes my kids eat on the go all the time. Sitting down is something they just don't do a lot of. Next thing you know I am walking into the kitchen or living room and I see these little black ants all of the littlest pieces of crumbs. What is the best thing for this? Combat kills ants at the source. I was offered the opportunity to try this product out and review its results.
 As a mom I did have concerns about using these products since I have two little ones. It does state on the package to keep out of reach of children, which is no surprise when it comes to products with chemicals in them. So, during my review duration I took special attention to the products where they were being used and of course my kids.

Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel
Combat Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel gets your ant problem under control in just three to five days. It’s formulated to attract ants quickly, while its fast-acting insecticide, Fipronil, starts killing in hours. Worker ants return to the colony and feed the bait to the larvae and to the queen, eliminating the entire ant colony. This gel is easy to use so you can apply it in cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach places.

Combat Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel is effective against Carpenter, Pharaoh, Argentine, Cornfield, Odorous House, Thief, Pavement, White Footed, and Little Black Ants.

The first product during my review that I tried was the Source Kill Max Gel which I was hoping this product will kill the ants that come in through my back door. Which the kids were in school I followed the directions on the box and tested the product out. I was shocked at the results. By the end of the day the majority of the ants that come in my back door which happens to be by my trash can were dead. That was a sight to see. I discovered that this product contains Fipronil, which is a fast acting ingredient, and I can tell you that fast means very fast. Of course, it does give the ant enough time to head back to the colony and poison the rest of the ants. I have to say I am really impressed with this product. I also love that this product will last up to a month. Place it and forget about it, or move it around.

Source Kill Max Ant Bait
Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait contains a powerful insecticide, Fipronil, which kills most ants commonly found in households. Ants are attracted to the bait and then carry it back to their colony to destroy the queen and entire colony. These easy-to-use, no-mess, child-resistant ant baits need no activation. Just place them where you have seen ants and they will work day and night to control the problem killing ants at the source.

Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait kills ants that feed on sweet and greasy materials, including:  Argentine, Cornfield, Little Black, Odorous House, and Pavement Ants.

The next item I reviewed was the Source Kill Max Bait which is such a easy and convenient way to kill ants. With kids I do feel much more safer using this product. I love that this product is Child Resistant allowing us to place these through out the house in trouble areas for ants. You don't have to worry about a nasty, gross, smelly residue to clean up. The product has worked so well and I would say is my go-to product for taking care of those pesky ants. The bait has helped so much around the house. It took care of all my trouble areas, such as behind toilets, doors, and around and under furniture. When it is expired, switching out for a new one is easy and non-messy.  

I was very impressed with both products. I remember similar products from when I was a child. My grandmother especially, would place the bait traps all over the house. I think that they work better now, so when selecting a brand, choose Combat for its proven ant-fighting results. I am now a believer of this  brand, and also, ant-free.

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Where to purchase: You are able to click on the Where To Buy tab on the Combat website. This has information on retailers and online stores that carry the products.


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