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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Do you have the problem of being out shopping and then realizing you need something like lip balm or a pain reliever for a headache? There are so many last-minute items that you end up needing and have to swing into a gas station or store to buy since you didn't have it in the car. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a tiny little kit that had samples of everything that you could possible need for yourself or your kids. Mini Savers has sent me 'The Baby Mama Saver' which has come in handy with not only myself but also my kids.

Mini Savers are tiny kits full of all the necessities you may need at any moment. They are very cute and compact, enough to take on the go and can save you from many unfortunate situations. Mini Saver’s goal is to create countless savers for all occasions. Currently, there are two different savers: The Shame Saver, perfect for a girl’s night out, The Baby Mama Saver, The Festive Saver and also refills.

The Baby Mama Saver comes in three different colors: yellow, pink and blue. Each Mini Saver is priced at $19.95.

Diaper Rash Cream – You and baby will both regret forgetting this at home. No one likes a sore tushy.
Baby Wipes – Ever change a diaper without one of these? . . . it isn’t pretty.
Scented Trash Bag – For when there is no appropriate place to toss that stinky diaper, and you have no choice but to take it along.
Kids Hand Sanitizer – Go ahead, let them play in the dirt, pick their friends nose, and suck on their thumb; just make sure to sanitize!
Boogy Wipes – Remember that kid on the playground who had a huge slimy booger resting on his top lip? (Why didn’t his mom wipe that off for him?) Don’t let your baby be the booger buddy.
Bib – When feeding baby with the “airplane technique” (we all know it), a bib can come in handy, just in case it’s a bumpy ride.
Spot Remover – The time will come when you’ll show up to a special occasion to find a fresh spit-up stain right on baby’s clean, pressed shirt (or yours). Worry no more with this on-the-go stain remover!
Sunscreen – Once upon a time, tan skin was all that mattered. Now you are paying for those sunscreen-less hours in the sun, with wrinkles, and sunspots, and chemical peels, oh my! Here’s your second chance: live vicariously through your baby, protecting their flawless skin from those risky rays that have done you wrong!
Antibiotic Ointment – We all know that kissing it makes it better, but a little antibiotic ointment might help too.
Bandage – Bandage that boo boo to keep the cries in and the germs out!
For Mama:
Lip Balm – You probably can’t resist kissing those soft cheeks. Whether they are on baby’s face or tush, make sure your lips don’t scratch that baby smooth skin.
Hair Tie – To keep your locks out of baby’s food, face, and dirty diaper.

I have to say that the mini saver is very cute and stylish. I was so happy that I was sent the black and white stripes with hot pink trim. It really went with my personality. When I opened the Mini Saver, I couldn't believe how many items were able to fit into it. There is literally a little bit of everything available for any situation that could possible occur. The Mini Saver is the perfect size to fit into your purse, dash, or a diaper bag without taking up a lot of room.

I have found several little items that come in handy. Kid's hand sanitizer has come in handy during those times when we decide to go through the drive through, and I want my kids to have clean hands before eating. Of course the spot remover since kids seem to always make a mess when eating, we will blame that on the bumps in the road.

Mini Saver has come in handy so many times and has made my life easier knowing that if something would happen I am more prepared. I do have to remember what I use though so I can replace it for the next time.

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Where to purchase: You can order from the Mini Saver website. Prices will vary depending on what you are getting.

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  1. Hello! Do you know if this product is still available? I clicked on the link above but that website appears to be inaccurate. Where can I buy the baby mama saver?


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