Monday, April 9, 2012

Exercise-induced Orgasms: More Common Than You Think!

 A new study reports that working out will actually leave you feeling sexy. This innovative study showed that exercise-induced orgasms are more than frequent than one might have thought!

An online survey distributed to women, from Indiana University, revealed that nearly 50% felt exercise-induced sexual pleasure and about 25% experience orgasms during a routine workout.

This study is groundbreaking in proving that orgasms are not solely based on sexual activity.

What’s the magic, most common move that seems to trigger orgasm? Abdominal exercises! From the women who participated in the survey, 52 % of the women who experience these fitness orgasms said they’d had one in connection with abdominal work in the past 90 days.

Check out the intriguing full article at YouBeauty.

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