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Friday, March 23, 2012

You and I probably have some things in common, such as writing out bills, invitations, and various types of letters and cards. All of these things have something in common too, they all travel in the mail. With all of the innovation that is transforming day to day tasks and making them easier, there is simply no need to spend valuable time hand-writing your name and address on your out-going mail items. Of course, you can grab some address labels, which are fine, but I prefer adding a unique flare that screams "ME!" when my sent mail arrives at its destination. PJ Greetings makes Custom Address Stamps in so many amazing styles, each with different font, color, and designs options.This nifty item allows you to personalize your mail like never before, while injecting a little of your personality with each stamp.

PJ Greetings sells custom stationery, invitations and most importantly, Custom Pre-Inked Stamps that are great anyone from moms, dads, and kids, the list goes on.  These stamps are used for addressing envelopes, identifying books, crafting, work items, etc.  The stamps are great as a gift to anyone on your list throughout the year and also for yourself.  The stamps retail for $40 each and have 30,000 impressions! 

 There are so many different choices available, so you can find the custom stamp design that best fits you. It will add a fun and unique look to any envelope or labeling on an item. These designs are created by the hands of true artists, which means that there is a lot of heart and hard work injected into each piece. The selection process is super easy. You simply find the design that best represents you, then pick the color you want, add in your text and your done! The great thing about the custom stamps is that they are pre-inked. In case your not a "stamp-amatition" this means that the ink is inside the stamp itself, no worries about a separate ink pad or the mess it can result in (ruined clothes anyone?).

During my review I choose to go with the French Script Scrolls (picture above). I will be honest I swear I was on the website forever trying to choose which one I wanted, there was just so many amazing ones to choose from, and I can be a little indecisive. I ended up going back and forth until I finally decided on this design. I then picked the color, hot pink course, then I added in my information. The process of ordering was very simple and fast (once I finally made up my mind). When I got my custom stamp, I knew right away that I had made the right choice.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the stamp. It also came in a cute little decorative bag tied with a ribbon, with a picture of my stamp on it. The stamp itself is very durable and sturdy. The top of your stamp is a display of your stamp itself, just like the decorative bag it came in . When you take off the bottom plate you will notice there is no ink pad. All you do is put it onto what ever you are wanting to label and lightly push down. You will be surprised at how lightly you have to push. It glides very well, and the stamping is very clean on what ever you stamp. I was very impressed with how well it looked on paper, it was clean, lined up perfectly and dried very fast. "High Definition Stamping" would be the best way to describe it. I have already used my PJ Greeting custom stamp so much for my Girl Scout Leader duties, envelopes, and even a couple of cards. This is my "go to" thing when it comes to labeling. Plus, I don't have to sit and write the same thing over and over again anymore.

About the company: PJ Greetings started with a simple request to help a friend out by making her son’s third birthday party invitations. Then came a craft show in which we showed four or five holiday card designs, along with our hand drawn personalized stationery. BOOM went the demand, and a website was quickly born.  Eight years and three websites later, we have thousands of wonderful customers across the world that love our personalized products! In the age of email and evites, it is so good to see that our customers realize the importance of hand written notes and customized invitations, holiday cards, etc.!

Where to purchase: You are able to make a purchase from the PJ Greetings website.

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