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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do you often worry about your little one's oral hygein because of the the things they sometimes eat and drink? Getting them to brush can be a hassel, at least it usually is with my kids. Well, in my house when it comes to a battle with the kids, mommy always wins. Each of my kid's oral needs are completely different. My little boy has very healthy teeth, but my daughter has teeth that has been filled, capped and now she has a spacer. Even with their teeth being completely different, I clean their teeth equally. My kids always complain that brushing their teeth is boring and takes too long. Firefly by Dr. Fresh have come to the rescue for all kids and parents alike. With really kid-trendy and stylish toothbrushes that will really catch your child's eye. These brushes also come equiped with a really cool built-in red light that flashes when the appropriate brush times have been met. How could any kid or parent resist these toothbrushes?

Each FireFly kids toothbrush has a light up timer that flashes for 60 seconds, which is the  dentist recommended time for kids to thoroughly brush each row of teeth. The light is able to be activated easily by pressing a button or tapping on the bottom of the brush, allowing children to learn and take care of their teeth starting at a young age.

For my review I was sent two different Firefly kids toothbrushes to test. My little boy's was the Hot Wheels toothbrush and the other was Barbie, for my daughter. There are several nice features offered by the Dr. Fresh Firefly toothbrushes. They are perfectly designed for little hands in mind. They are very easy to use, easy to keep a grip on and also very cool looking. There are several different designs to choose from besides the two that I reviewed, some are specially designed for toddlers to help get them in the routine of brushing their teeth. As they get older you are able to get super hero's, Hello Kitty, Bratz, Curious George and so many more. They each offer the light up timer which adds that fun element to brushing.

My kids were super excited to try out their new Firefly toothbrushes, as they are really cool looking and have the light-up feature. Not only do these toothbrushes light up but they flash for 60 seconds. I was really impressed at how they caught and kept both of my kid's attention. In fact, not only am I able to get my kids to brush their teeth twice a day, but they actually look forward to it now. The toothbrush activates very easily. The rubber button on the front makes it easy for the kids to push and start the light-timer themselves. I think this is helping them feel  a little more independent, which promotes responsibility. The Dr. Fresh Firefly kids toothbrushes are great and I highly recommend them for ensuring the health of your children's teeth.
About the company: Dr. Fresh is the creator of the FireFly toothbrush, the number one selling kids' toothbrush in the country. We are privileged to say our flagship product has helped children to develop excellent lifelong oral care habits, and proud that we can also help reverse the childhood cavity epidemic in our country. Our products are always built on an ongoing dialogue with kids and families, and that is why we pride ourselves on being an "idea factory," not just a manufacturer of oral care products. Three years ago, we established our annual "Be A Dental Inventor" contest for elementary school children. The contest has become a much anticipated element of February's National Children's Dental Health Month, and the entries are an ongoing source of inspiration for us. When a child's imagination is fired, the world is a richer place. And we remind ourselves of that every day by keeping the fantastic toothbrush drawings we receive on the walls at our headquarters.

Where to purchase: You are able to make a purchase from the FireFly website and local stores in your area. You are able to use the Store Locator on their website.

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  4. I just stumbled your blog while looking for some "kids toothbrush ". Find it very interesting and informative. Really you help me out to get choose best product for my kids. Once I used Colgate's Toothpaste and my kids too likes it very much.


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