Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Fun and Budget Friendly Tips From

Easter is just a hop away!  Below are five tips on how to keep Easter fun and budget friendly from Household Savings Expert, Jeanette Pavini.

1. Be creative- think outside the box, or basket rather: Easter Baskets don't have to be costly. Children will look at what is inside, more than what the basket looks like. Have fun with it!  Re-use what you might have around the house- a pail in from the sand box, a wicker basket you may have gotten as a gift, or go to the dollar store and pick one up; they usually have a variety of colors to use from. Also think of alternatives for baskets: while at the dollar store, consider colorful purses for girls or perhaps a ball cap for a baseball enthusiasts.

2. It is what is inside that counts.  Don't fill it up the basket completely, let the kids do it on their own during the easter egg hunt. A few items to possibly add: coloring books, sidewalk chalk, crayons, stuffed animals, jump ropes, bubbles, hair ribbons, chapstack, toys...etc. Again, a great place to get these are the dollar store.  Also, instead of plastic green grass, try tissue paper. This is really just an extra piece of fluff.

3. Say no to Easter dying kits. All you need is white vinegar, food coloring and water to dye your eggs. Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 cup of hot water, and then add drops of food color. Have fun with the kids using your own artistic creation!

4.Jell-O time.  Here is a quick and easy way to have fun. Go to  to find a new offer valid for a FREE Jell-O Easter Egg Mold. All you have to pay is $2.95 for shipping/handling. Hurry, as this is only available while supplies last.

5. Weekend Getaway? If you are traveling during the holiday, try a vacation rental site like instead of a hotel – they have weekly deals too. Stay in a luxusious home rental and avoid eating out by making meals in the kitchen and having a fridge for leftovers all while enjoying a cozy home vibe.

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