Friday, March 16, 2012

Delights of the Earth Sweepstakes

Delights of the Earth uses only organic sustainably harvested oils, Palm, coconut & Sunflower, along with certified organic herbs and natural clays. They also support local farmers when they are in season and use those ingredients in the summer months. They strive to make natural and organic products affordable and last longer. 
There is also a small line of salves to fit every need.  From dry skin and eczema issues, to cuts and scrapes, to rashes.  They are unscented so anyone can use them without smelling like some type of essential oil.  The salves are made with sunflower oil infused with herbs (pending what it was made to help), beeswax & Illipe butter. 

On top of those products. Delights Of The Earth is also launching their new line of Organic Foaming soaps.  These are made of organic sunflower oil & organic coconut oil.  

You can head on over and enter the giveaway to win 5 bars of soap, 2 Salves, and 2 Liquid Foaming Soaps NEW! You also get to pick which you want.  Please see the link for more details.  

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