'Valenties Day Special' ZVOX Audio Z-Base 220 Review

Sunday, February 5, 2012

For a while now hubby and I have been talking about getting a system for our living room. We never feel like we have that great of a sound system to compliment our HDTV, and sometimes it seems as though these new TV's do not have as good speakers as the old box TV's did. Since our family plays a lot of video games and watches a lot of movies, we are in need of great sound effects to fill our room. When ZVOX offered to send me a ZVOX Audio Z-Base 220, boy was our whole family excited. We couldn't wait to hear what a movie or a video game would sound like with something like this. We knew we would be in for a treat.

About the company: ZVOX Audio is a coalition of long-time veterans of the audio-video industry. They have many years of experience in product development, design, engineering and manufacturing  with companies like AR, KLH, Epicure, Genesis, Advent, Boston Acoustics and Cambridge SoundWorks. We believe in great products. Products that sound really, really good. High quality products that we would sell to our best friends and closest relatives. That's all we will make. That's all that we will sell. Any company can make high quality products that cost a fortune. At ZVOX we use our years of experience to design quality products that can be affordable manufactured, and reasonably priced.

ZVOX offers several different Base sound systems to choose from to upgrade your sound experience. There are also accessories, cables and connectors. I am really impressed with the products they offer for you to choose from. They have what you need for what ever room you may want an enhanced sound experience in.
ZVOX Audio Z-Base 220 Single Cabinet Sound System $199.99:
  •     World's Smallest Home Theater System
  •     Surround Sound Without Multiple Speakers & Wires
  •     No External Subwoofer - Everything's Built-In
  •     Super-Clear Vocals
  •     "Loud Commercial Control" Feature
  •     Front-Panel iPod®Portable Connection
  •     Works With Your TV or Cable Box Remote
Only about the size of a DVD player, the Z-Base 220 system can fill your room with rich, satisfying 3D sound -- including thumping bass response -- with no external speakers, subwoofers or speaker wires! The 220's sound quality is excellent because it uses high performance speakers and amplifiers. And unlike any other sound bar in its price category, the Z-Base 220 uses a wood (MDF) cabinet -- not plastic. The exclusive PhaseCue II technology creates three-dimensional surround sound without external speakers and wires.

You can fit the 220 on a shelf below the TV or, depending on the size of your TV, you can put it under your TV set. Hookup is super-simple -- just one connecting wire and a one-page owner's manual. You can even teach the ZVOX 220 to respond to your TV or cable box remote control!

The ZVOX 220 is truly a staple of just how far technology has evolved when upgrading you sound system. Five years ago, it would have cost hundreds more to achieve the rich and satisfying, ambient sounds that this marvelous little box offers. This also makes it a staple of just how affordable enhanced sound has become.

Rarely have I been this excited to get a package in the mail. My hubby was also excited, as he has issues with the low quality of sound that the small speakers in our TV puts out. We opened the box and hooked up the system after a short examination. Yes, this nifty DVR-size unit found its place quickly under our TV.

The design of the unit was, as the picture shows, sized perfectly for our 32" TV. It is designed so that your TV can sit directly on top of it. At first there were concerns that the weight of the TV could cause damage to the ZVOX unit. Our quick examination revealed that the unit is plenty solid enough to support the TV. There was no sagging from the TV's weight, and the ZVOX unit has a thick and solid feel to it, much more so than your average electronic device, whatever it may be.
The speaker that provides the low-frequency bass is located, quite conveniently, on the bottom of the unit. This allows for a more ergonomic design. There are three forward facing, smaller speakers in the front of the unit. This is where most of the High frequency treble sounds are emitted. Overall, the design is very well thought out. The treble noises and voices are projected into the room as a result of the 3 forward facing speakers, while the bass rumbles prominently in the background, this is a result of the bass speaker facing the surface on which the device sits. There is room between the bottom of the ZVOX unit and the surface on which it is placed and room again from the bottom of the unit to the speaker within, this space allows for the bass sound to develop and mature, you'll hear thunder in a movie, then look outside to see if a storm is coming.

All of the speakers are protected well by a tough metal screen, this screen also protects the LED display.

The unit comes with a small remote, which is pre-programmed to work with it out of the box. There is also a book and a card that has all instructions to program your TV, Satellite, or Cable remote to work for the  ZVOX, if you wish. We just use the remote that came with the unit. The buttons are easy to understand, as you press them, the unit display lights up, displaying your selection. One great feature that the remote offers, besides just bass and treble adjustments, is an innovative voice enhancing button that, when pressed, brings up the volume of the voices to match that of loud and unbalanced sound effects, this addresses an often overlooked annoyance that has plagued television entertainment since its birth.
The ports on the back of the ZVOX 220 allow for Coaxial, digital, and dual analog hook ups. There is also a convenient 35mm Jack in the front, allowing you to easily transform the sound of whatever device comes with a regular headphone jack. The kicker? It comes with a 35mm adapter chord, truly convenient. We use the analog hook ups and love the quality of sound we get as a result. Hooking the unit up is a snap, as is turning the main power on and off, as there is a simple power switch on the back as well.

Now for the sound quality. I have chosen to review the sound quality last, because it is truly the most important element to take from this review. After all, no matter how brilliantly designed, innovative, or multi-functional a sound system is, it still needs to deliver in the sound department. Well, I can gladly state that the ZVOX not only meets expectations of performance, it exceeds them, by far. The best way I can think to describe the sound is like turning your living room into a theater. It sounds like you are surrounded by speakers, and when turned up, you can feel the bass in your chest. Its accomplishments in sound seem impossible when looking at its small size, or thinking about the fact that there are no external speakers. This system works great at low/ moderate levels, but is best when turned up, it is then that you can really grasp how much the system is capable of doing.

This is an excellent product for any sound enhancing reason. Excellent for movies, games, sports, music, the list goes on and on. I could say so much more, but by now, if you are looking for an affordable and comprehensive upgrade to a basic home entertainment sound system, you should already be on your way to picking up the ZVOX 220. It is what you have been waiting for to bring your entertainment to life.

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Where to purchase: You are able to purchase from the ZVOX website and also on Amazon. Prices will vary depending on the item you purchase.

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