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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Isn't it funny that we associate watching the time with those sleepless nights where we toss and turn and hardly get any rest at all? Then, of course, we awake, only to feel completely drained, sometimes it feels like I've been hit by a city bus when I don't get enough rest. We all know that feeling, I'm sure. Well I have found a product that can help me wake up fast and feeling refreshed. Ironically, that item is one that you can watch the time on, a watch. Not just any watch, though. This review gave me the opportunity to not only better my life and well being, but discover yet another truly innovative and astounding item on the market today, that speaks loudly about just how far technology and creativity have evolved.

*****SleepTracker Elite is the only product on the market that analyzes your sleep patterns to wake you up at the optimum time helping you feel refreshed and energetic. SleepTracker Elite also allows you to upload your individual sleep data into your own personal account using SleepTracker Analytics.

SleepTracker Analytics shows you how you slept, ways to improve your sleep, and gives you an overall sleep score every night. Best of all, SleepTracker Analytics is completely free with your purchase of the SleepTracker product!

Did you know that if you are awaken during a light stage of sleep you feel more refreshed, energetic, and overall more alert? Only SleepTracker's patented technology monitors your stages of sleep and will wake you up at the most optimum time for your personal needs.*****

I love my new watch! It makes me look forward to going to sleep, so I can wake up feeling refreshed and spend the day feeling alert and looking forward to yet another nights rest. Now that is what I call a sleep cycle.

I might have gotten ahead of myself a little bit, let me explain. This is a watch, by definition. It tells the time, has an alarm, displays the date and has a back-light. Now lets cover the part about waking up more refreshed. This watch will not directly help you fall asleep faster, instead, it helps you on the other side of your sleeping experience, the waking up part. There are 3 small electrodes on the bottom of the watch, the part that lays against your wrist, these somehow detect which stage of sleep you are in. When you are naturally close to waking up, the alarm triggers, pulling you from a shallow sleep, instead of a deep one. This is achieved by setting an "alarm window" which covers a broader range of minutes than a traditional alarm, which will obviously go off no matter how deeply you are sleeping. Being awoken, when you are closer to being awake, results in a much more refreshing morning and day.

If watches were phones, this would be an advanced smartphone that functions as a simple Jitterbug. I use phones as comparison because I have already imagined that one day, watches will truly evolve as did phones. On the forefront of the evolution will be the SleepTracker. Like a smart phone, the screen lights up, also like a smartphone, it is semi-programmable. These are features that can be found in other watches, but let me ask you this. Have you ever seen a watch that can vibrate? I didn't, and it was one of the things that the SleepTracker does that still blows my mind every time. Apart from that, the watch "watches" you sleep, and gives you access to software, so you can track how well you have been sleeping, your "sleep cycles". You can use this data to make slight adjustments to your nightly routine, sleeping positions, etc... until you find what works best for you to achieve optimal sleep results. This, combined with awaking at just the right moment, will introduce you to a sleep experience that you have never felt before. Yes, if this watch was a car, it would be a Cadillac.

The watch isn't over-sized, considering what it offers, but it is just slightly larger than your average watch. That said, some will only wear this for sleep purposes. I find it looks just fine for any occasion, and I like to wear mine out so I can brag about what it does. An easy to understand manual is included, which explains the little ins and outs. Within fifteen minutes, you'll be a Sleep Tracker Master. The alarm is fast and suitably loud. There is a 1 year manufacturers warranty that protects against defects or failures caused by defects, just save your receipt, you'll need it for the service should the need arise. The watch is also waterproof to 10 meters, so wear it in the rain without worry.

To put it as simply as possible, this watch is one that gives you more than the time and date. I am a happy and proud owner. I have been waiting for an affordable watch that offers an amazing feature or service and this was definitely worth the wait. Everyone should give this system a try, it is potentially life changing, in a great way. Hurry up and get one, after all, the time is right.
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Where to purchase: You are able to purchase from the Sleeptracker website for $149.00.

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