Simply Eden Goat-Milk Soap and Body Mousee Review/Giveaway

Monday, February 27, 2012

Taking some time for myself is very important, no matter how short lived it may be, or how very infrequent these moments are becomming. I do what I can to make these moments amazing. One way I have found to do this, is by taking a relaxing soak in the tub with all of the lights off and the candles lit. Now I don't always needs great smelling candles, sometimes I want soap that has an amazing scent that really lingers in the bathroom and on my skin. Soap that is safe for your skin and offers safe ingredients is always important to me. I also love soap that looks like art, how visually stimulating it can be. During my review for Simply Eden, I was sent three different products to review; Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Soap, Japanese Chery Blossom Goat Milk Soap, and Lavender Martini Goat Milk Body Mousse. All of which helped me in my brief quests to relax and pamper myself.

Simply Eden goat milk soap and bath and body products are handmade in Eden, Utah using quality ingredients without the harsh chemicals. This is accomplished because goat milk has a low pH, it is an ideal skin nourishment due to its mild cleansing and moisturizing properties. Goat milk is packed with vitamins and nutrients, leaving your skin feeling soft and healthy without the dry, stripping sensation from other products.
Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Soap $6.25
There are several products that can be purchased from Simply Eden. There is an amazing amount of Goat Milk bar soaps, which can either be scented or unscented. Not only are, amazing scents offered, but each bar becomes a decorative piece to your bathroom. There are also soap dishes that can elevate the look of each soap. Along with the collection of the soap is the Bundt Cake Soap and Cupcake Soap, which offers a fun twist to what soap can look like.

Not only does Simply Eden offer soap but there are several different bath & body products. There are Sugar Scrubs, Body Mousse, Butters, Balms & Jellys, Face & Hair, For The Bath, Gift Sets, and Lotions & Creams. What ever you are wanting to get for yourself or as a gift for someone, there are several items offered to pamper yourself and also be beneficial to your skin.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Goat Milk Soap $6.25
I have to say I was really excited to try out the soaps that I was sent to review. I was sent the Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Soap and Japanese Cherry Blossom Goat Milk Soap, which went so far beyond what I expected them to be. The soap is absolutely beautiful, what I consider a piece of art. The colors used in the soaps are amazing, how they swirl and blend with each other. They are very thought provoking, almost hypnotizing. I was very impressed with the sizes of the bars, The soap is bigger then normal store bought soap bars. Another thing I have noticed is that the soap seems to last a lot longer than conventional bars. When I get soap from the store I swear it is gone within a week or two at the most. This soap really seems to last around three times as long.

The scents offered by each bar linger pleasently both in the room and on your skin.You would have thought that you had an air freshener in the room, that is the effect the soap had on me. The smell is not at all overwhelming, but pleasant. The soaps are made from goat milk and manufactured using more natural methods than soap you purchase from the store, I think that is what helps with the scent. No harsh chemicals have went into the soaps while making it. This also gives me the ease of mind that I can use this soap on my kids without worry. Of course, I didn't use this soap on my little boy as the scents are very girly but my daughter loves them as much as I do.

I was pleasantly surprised that their was no residue left on my skin, and in the bathtub. It allows for a very clean rinse which is great. I hate when I come across soap that leaves a thick residue on the side of the tub that is so hard to clean off. I also like that the soap didn't leave a weird feeling to the water. This soap is amazing and at the price, I am even more happy. Since one bar can last as long as a three pack for pretty much the same price. I say to myself why not? It literally pays for itself, and is an upgrade for sure, just look at the pictures, this soap is so beautiful, you just might feel guilty about using it.
Lavender Martini Goat Milk Body Mousse $9.50
I have only tried whipped mousse a few times, so being sent the Lavender Martini Goat Milk Body Mousse, I was more than happy to try it. The moment I took the lid of the mousse the scent slowly flowed into the air. It offers such a light and pleasant fragrance that is no way imposing. I couldn't believe how light and fluffy the mousse was. It offers such a creamy light texture to your skin that is very relaxing as it is applied. I love that the mousse is created using the natural benefits of goat milk, which is packed full of natural vitamins, minerals, and protein.

The mousse absorbs into your skin with ease and leaves your skin smooth and soft. There is no sticky residue, which is important. I was surprised at how well this product worked on my hands with the winter season. My hands are a little rough from the cold weather, but the mousse soothed and helped heal them.  There is added avocado oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, and evening Primrose oil, all of which have their unique added benefits, making this truly an amazing product for your skin. There is also a sticker on the bottom of the mousse that allows you to know when to use the mousse by. I think this is great. This lets you know how long you will get the best results for your skin. 

There are a lot of scientific terms to explain the ingredients and processes that make using goat milk in these products so beneficial, but to really see just what it is I am talking about, you'd have to try it for yourself. Words are only words and this is something that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. It is simply that wonderful. 

Where to purchase: You are able to purchase from the Simply Eden website. Prices will vary depending on what you purchase.

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