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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ever since I was little I can remember my dad coming home with a big bag of jerky and we would share it together. I have had beef and deer jerky in several different brands. Now as an adult it isn't unusual to come into my house and find several packages of jerky. That also is partly due to the fact that my hubby and I can eat jerky as if it is like a bag of chips. When Perky Jerky offered to send us samples of Perky Jerky in beef and turkey we were really excited. Plus, I had never tried Turkey before, in any brand, so I knew we were in for a whole new flavor experience, and boy was I right.

Perky Jerky is the new high-protein, ultra-premium, functional food for active lifestyles. Perky Jerky starts with premium all natural beef (no MSG, no nitrates), and adds a seven ingredient marinade, which includes Guarana, a little berry from the Amazon that is commonly found in energy drinks. It’s low fat, low carb, low cal and loaded with protein. No preservatives, no sodium nitrates, and no added MSG. 

*****If you thought it couldn't get any better, let us prove you wrong! We took all the goodness of Perky Jerkal jerky you are going to fall hard for this newcomer.*****

The Perky Jerky brand, is one that I am happy to be associated with. Both I and my husband, along with most other people, love Jerky. Beef jerky is a fan favorite, but Turkey jerky is an excellent alternative. Perky Jerky offers both style, and let me assure you, they are both excellent, with flavors only rivaled by the highest profile of brands on the market.

The first thing I want to comment on, is the packaging. The logo has a very cool 3-D look to it. It reminds me of a video game logo. A simple wine glass shape that resembles a steer's head. You'll find no cheap, tear away, paper packaging here, only a solid and foil lined package and seal that is tough as nails. Despite being tough, there are notches near the top that allow for easy opening. A good solid seal is important because it ensures the freshness of the product while it ships. Trust me, nothing will break this seal besides you, when you are ready.

Beyond the innovative design and packaging, the jerky lies within. It is suitably tender and cut fairly thin. I really enjoyed this, as it let the flavor permeate the meat, giving you more bang for your bite. The flavor has jaws of its own and really does taste boldly excellent, without overpowering your mouth. We loved both the beef and turkey jerky. The most impressive part of the flavor, is how good it tastes without preservatives or nitrates. This is worth taking note of. If jerky can taste this good without the extra additives, why then have the other companies been adding them? 

This snack is good soul-food that is not only good for the soul, but good for your daily routine as well. It contains a sizable chunk of your daily value in protein, which means it really gets your engine cranking. If you love beef or turkey jerky, and you are active, even if your aren't active, I urge you to consider perky jerky. One bag might take the role of your favorite brand, it has mine.

*****The one and only, the hero of the jerky community! When you thought all hope was lost we went and created the most tender beef jerk anyone could have ever imagined. We flavored it with guarana to provide a jerky experience you won’t find anywhere else! Long live the original!*****

Where to purchase: You are able to purchase from the Perky Jerky website and also on Amazon. You are also able to go too the store locator page.

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