Camera Strap Buddy Review

Sunday, February 26, 2012

About a month or so ago, I finally received my very first SLR camera. I am talking about the camera that really zooms, takes great pictures and, yes, also needs a strap. I had no idea how annoying the strap of a camera could be. I mean, I love the strap but the camera never seems to lay against me in a comfortable position, or a position safe for the camera itself. I am always scared that I will accidentally hit my camera off of something and damage or break it. Since, receiving the Camera Strap Buddy, using my strap for the camera is a much easier, convenient, and improved affair.

The Camera Strap Buddy priced at $16.95 is an attachment point for your camera strap that can convert your existing camera strap into a sling style strap. Making carrying around much more comfortable and convenient.

When you attach one side of the camera strap to the bottom of the camera the orientation rotates and the camera will now point downwards. This orientation lays the camera flat against your side in a comfortable position. This position keeps the camera close and dramatically reduces bouncing or swinging of the camera. This in turn minimizes potential accidents from the camera banging or swinging in to something. The Camera Strap Buddy offers a simple method to improve comfort and control while carrying your camera.


The moment I got the Camera Strap Buddy I did look at the package, I had no idea that the strap buddy was tiny. I am not sure what I was thinking, I guess I thought it was going to be huge or something. I couldn't wait to attach the Camera Strap Buddy onto my camera and take some pictures of the kids and see how much better carrying it on the strap would be.

 It didn't take long to attach the strap buddy onto my camera within less then 5 minutes it was attached. the process was quite simple. Since the camera was ready, I simply pulled the strap over my neck and laid the camera against my side. To my surprise the camera actually tilted and laid against me. It didn't stick out to where the zoom could possible get damaged. Where it laid, it did feel a lot more comfortable on me.

I took several pictures of the kids playing around the house and was able to do so with ease. During the process I didn't have any issues with the camera hitting walls, doors, or furniture. The Camera Strap Buddy really works, allowing the camera to lay closer to your body. This problem isn't usually something you think about, but when you find a product to fix it. It really opens your eyes up to how more convenient taking pictures can be. And hey, by the time you would discover the problem that the camera strap buddy addresses, it would be too late. So go out and get one for your camera, and pocketbook's, sake.

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Where to purchase: You are able to purchase from the Camera Strap Buddy website and on Amazon for $16.95.

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  1. The Camera Strap Buddy is amazing!!!

  2. Hello there, I am a professional photographer and I love this product. It makes life so much easier with a large SLR camera. This product is wonderful!

  3. I can't use my camera without the strap buddy now! This was such a great idea and don't know how I lived so long without it. I give it 2 thumbs up!


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