Purex Ultra Packs Review/Giveaway

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am so happy to announce that Purex has done it again. This February 2012, Purex in launching the new UltraPacks detergent. If you are looking for something to simplify your laundry endovers, which results in no mess, no spills, and no messy jugs then this is the perfect product for you. Plus, you can't go wrong when you have a laundry detergent that works great and is a perfectly priced.

About the company: The Purex brand was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1922 and, for 88 years, has been known as the laundry brand that consumers trust to provide the most value for the money. Over the years, the company has grown from a single product—liquid chlorine bleach sold in amber pint jars—to the almost two dozen laundry products sold under the Purex brand name today. Moreover, along the way, Purex has been a leader in sustainability and developing eco-friendly products. 

What are Purex UltraPacks?
~New Purex UltraPacks are convenient pre-dosed liquid
detergent packs that make doing laundry easier than ever.
~Purex UltraPacks manage to squeeze all the performance
of our new Triple Action liquid formula into just one
powerful pack.
~Finally…No more mess. No more spills. No more heavy
jugs. It’s Laundry Simplified.
~Each Purex UltraPack contains powerful 2x concentrated
liquid detergent, giving each UltraPack double
the cleaning power in every drop.
~Purex UltraPacks dissolve quickly once the washer is
started—even in cold water.
~Purex UltraPacks are formulated and safe for all
machines, including high-efficiency (HE).
~Available in:Mountain Breeze® Free & Clear
 When I received my Purex UltraPacks, I was so excited to try the new product, and of course to be one of the first to try the product before it ships to stores. I love that the pack is prefilled with enough  detergent to wash a full large load, and if you have an extra large load or really dirty clothes than you simply use another pack. I love the fact that all I have to do is put the clothes in the washer, turn it to the setting that I prefer, and simply toss in the pacs. There is no handling of a huge jug and no measuring which, to me, is really nice. I knew right away from the previous products I have reviewed from Purex that the pacs would wash my clothes well. After the wash I was really happy with the cleanliness of the clothes, it did a great job and the scent was really nice as well. I am so happy with this new product that, starting in February, I will start purchasing them myself.
Beginning in mid February 2012, will be up and running, offering Purex enthusiasts an opportunity to get their own free sample of Purex UltraPacks and prove it to themselves.

Where to purchase: You are able to purchase at local retailers in your area. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase.
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