A Mile In His Shoes DVD Review/Giveaway

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Only a miracle can help baseball coach Arthur 'Murph' Murphy (Dean Cain) and his losing minor league baseball team. As Murph sets out to recruit new talent for the team, he stumbles upon Mickey (Luke Schroder), a young farmer with an incredible pitcher's arm. However, Mickey's parents are reluctant in allowing him to join the team because he has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.  Murph convinces Mickey's parents that life in the minor league will benefit their unique son, but he doesn't realize just how much his new recruit will help the team s game and, more importantly, their spirit. Based on a true story, Thomas Kinknade Presents: A Mile in His Shoes is an inspirational film that celebrates faith, determination and the power of friendship. 

Special Features Includes:Free 4x6 original, Limited Edition Thomas Kinkade Painting with certificate of authentication.

 This movie is brought to you by Thomas Kinkade, a name synonymous with inspirational products of various types. This movie is no exception to that rule. This movie is very moving, the story and directing, which are complemented by some excellent acting, really draw you in. 

Throughout the movie, you will feel the coaches frustration, as he searches for an answer that will change his luck. After he meets the talented but troubled answer to his problems, that frustration will continue as he pursues that answer. 

Frustration will eventually lead to hope as things begin to look up for the coach and team. That hope will eventually give way to inspiration, as this remarkable work of a film demonstrates the feeling that, given the correct set of circumstances, anything is possible. 

This film is very moving and best watched as a family, but can be enjoyed by anyone. It serves as a shinning spot in a decreasing genre of movies that become less and less frequent each year. I recommend this movie for anyone of any age. We all need this kind of film every now and then.

Where to purchase: You are able to purchase at Walmart and Amazon for $11.99.

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  1. I have recently purchased this movie and was thinkign of watching it this evening or this coming week. I love baseball and I thought this would truly be an inspiritation.
    I look forward to seeing.

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