Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Kidorable Review/Giveaway

I remember when I was little and I would play in the rain, making mud-cakes and jumping in the puddles, not a care in the world. My kids are no different, when it is spring and summer my kids can play outside in the rain and have a blast. Of course rain gear is not just for playing in the rain, it can also be used for keeping dry. My little boy was sent a Fireman rain jacket, hanger, and umbrella, which was perfect for him, since he has a steadily growing obsession with any fire truck related products.

About the company: In 1997, Kidorable sprung from the minds, hearts and efficiency apartment of Liping and Jonathan Domsky. Starting with lions and cats and bears, manifested as umbrellas and hangers, Kidorable generated enough sales during its first year to break even and plant fruitful Kidorable seeds throughout the land. In its first three years, Kidorable grew from a hopeful startup to a thriving business with $2 million in sales. Ever since, Kidorable has continued to blossom, evolving into a flourishing global enterprise, contributing to the success of dozens of sales professionals and thousands of retailers, with sales projected to exceed $15 million by 2015.

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Glee Gum 'Make Your Own Gummies Kit' Review/Giveaway

My kids love gummies, in fact, they eat gummies pretty much each day. It is one of those things that are great for a little snack throughout the day. I also think that gummies are pretty healthy for the most part, much better then a bag of greasy potato chips. So, what better way for my kids to get enough gummies  but then to make their very own, in their own shapes? My kids were really excited when Glee Gum sent our family a Gummies Kit.

About the company: Glee Gum is made in the USA by Verve, inc., an independent, certified woman-owned business dedicated to linking world communities and creating environmentally and socially responsible products. In addition to Glee Gum, Verve produces a fun line of Make Your Own Candy Kits for kids. Verve is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and Green America.