Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: SolPals Review/Giveaway

My kids love to sleep with some sort of light on. They have slept with lava lamps, their TV on, and also you cant forget those nightlights that plug into the outlet. I have been OK with everything except the nightlight plug, which really scares me. Sometimes it can tend to get really hot which makes me wonder if it could catch on fire. Of course, my kids won't sleep with out some sort of light, so I am always in the need looking for some sort of night light. SolPals offered to see me a solar powered children's nightlight that offers what I am looking for in a safe nightlight.

Uglee Pen 'Tomoson' Review/Giveaway

About the Ultimate Grip Pen
~The UGLee Pen only weights 11 grams. That is less than 1/2 ounce! Less mass, means less inertia, more comfort.
~Ultimate comfort! The overall shape as well as the detailed contours are perfectly engineered to follow the anatomy of the hand. You don't have to grip this material, it grips you.
~The UGLee Pen is mated with the smoothest ink system known, smoother than any roller ball, gel ink, or fountain ink pen.

The UGLee Pen is a revolutionary ergonomic pen that is designed, created and used by a real physician. This Doctor-inspired grip pen is redefining the way people view pens and writing. The UGLee Pen is good for everyone who writes (even just a grocery list), and is especially helpful to people who experience pain and discomfort when writing, for example those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.,. It's also the best writing utensil  for children who are learning to write and are developing fine motor skills, as well as helpful for special-needs children who find holding a pen or pencil properly difficult. And for high-school and college students who have to take copious notes, this pen helps keep hands and fingers from cramping.

Bath & Body Works LipLicious Lip Gloss Review

Are you ready for the season of kissing under the mistletoe. Whether it is the first kiss or the kiss that you get over and over from the person you love. Bath & Body Works has Liplicious Lip Glosses that can help your lips be yummy and shiny. These are the perfect stocking stuffer's and can add a fun addition to any gift!

About Bath & Body Works: For the past decade, Bath & Body Works has reinvented the personal care industry with the introduction of fragrant flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles and accessories. With a focus on creating and offering the best products, and an emphasis on innovation from nature, Bath & Body Works is destined to become the ultimate personal care destination. Bath & Body Works was founded in New Albany, Ohio in the fall of 1990, and has always prided itself on the innovation, quality and performance of its products. A division of Limited Brands, Inc., Bath & Body Works now has more than 1,600 stores nationwide.

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