Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yellow Rose Gifts Company "Sensual Touch" Soy Massage Melts Review/Giveaway "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

After a long day of taking care of the house, the kids, errands, blog and well everything in between, stress can start to take over. I have tried a few things like yoga, bubble baths and a few other things. Although, when hubby is home from the boat I love to get a message from him. Of course, hubby usually just rubs lotion on my back, but how nice it would be to have a Sensual Touch Moisturizing Soy Candles, that offers what I am looking for in helping with relaxation. Yellow Rose Gifts Company has sent me an amazing item that has been great for helping my mind and body.

About the company: Yellow Rose Gifts, Company began in July, 2005.  It took a lot of research to decide which type of wax to use for the candles and which fragrances would work the best.  Our company is located in Garland, Texas.  We are a family owned and operated business. In the last year and a half, we have started expanding our business to a larger market. In these tough economic times, it was decided to offer smaller businesses the opportunity to carry our products on a consignment basis.  This is proving to be a great decision.  We also offer our products at wholesale cost.

YBF Products Review

It is that time of the year when we are getting pictures taken every which way we turn. So, we want our face to look flawless and prefect in all pictures. One way to do this is by using amazing products from YBF. I had the chance to review two products which is doing wonders, with this holiday season already. I reviewed the Photo Finish Pressed Powders and Brighten, Hide & Sculpt Concealer.
ybf Perfect Primer and Prized Brow Pencil Set $27.50: Frame and define a flawless-looking face and love your look. ybf has chosen two easy face-fix necessities - a neutralizing primer that helps create a perfectly smooth canvas for color and the ever-popular eyebrow pencil for a balanced, 'wow-brow" look.

I See Me! 'My Very Merry Christmas Board Book' Review/Giveaway "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

I love to purchase items for my kids that are personalized with their names. I love seeing their eyes light up when they see their names on items. One thing that really has this effect is when they read a book that has their name in it.  My little boy isn't reading on his own yet but loves to be read to. So, when I was given the chance to read a book to him from I See Me! which offers personalized children's book, he loved everything.     

About the company:  "Welcome to I See Me! Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most personalized children's books available. They opened for business in May, 2000, after a year of active product development. Her and her husband Allan received a personalized book as a gift for their first son in 1998. While they loved the fact that it was personalized, they thought that the illustrations could have been much better and the story more customized to the child. Thus I See Me! was born.

Screen Dreams DVD Review "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

It is funny how our home makes the television one of the main focal points. We have a TV in each bedroom, living room, three laptops and also two portable DVD players in the car. Of course, I am not saying we watch TV non stop. You can watch so many different things on the TV from news, shows, cartoons, movies and more. Then after we are done watching TV all that is left is a black screen. I tend to sleep with the TV on every night, not for the sound but more for the lighting in the room. My purpose is since I am home alone for thirty days I just don't sleep that good. It would be so nice to see more of a relaxing scene on the TV while going to sleep, as I sure my kids would love it just as much. Screen Dreams DVD sent me five different DVDs to review which I absolutely love every single one of them.

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