Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bean Bag Boss Review and Discount Code "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

I remember when I was younger I would always ask for a bean bag. Not sure why, but I never ever got one. So, now that my little girl has this awesome loft bed, it has opened up a spot in her room as a hideaway. What better way to deck out the underneath of her bed but with a Bean Bag Boss. Since, she loves to read, play video games and watch TV the bean bag chair would make those times much more comfy.

Bean Bag Boss offers tons of colors, materials, and textures. There are also so many colors to choose from solids, patters, plaids, faux leather, lame (metallic), and even limited edition. They are completely modern and add unique styling to your bedroom, game room, dorm room, office and so many other places. The exterior of the Bean Bag Boss has extremely tough exterior yet offers a very soft feel to it. With lightweight foam beans it offers such a relaxing feel and molds to your body.

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