Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bummas Review / Giveaway

When my little boy was a baby, it was pretty common to have pee go through the air. As soon as the air hit him he would pee everywhere. After a while I started to wet a bathing rag to a warm temperature and put it on him as I would change him. This really helped and cut down on pee going everywhere. Also, my little boy was really sensitive so I was always having to apply creams. No matter what I would try, he would break out and I always felt so bad for him. I would have loved to know about Bummas when my little boy was a baby. I was given the chance to review Bummas which was great since my friends little baby boy has a lot of the same issues that my little boy had.

Thomas Kinkade Presents "Christmas Lodge" DVD Review/Giveaway "Holiday Gift Guide 2011

I am so excited the Holiday Season is starting to take off. I am already buying wrapping items, gifts, food for the dinner's and so much more. Christmas is my most favorite holiday of the year. As soon as Christmas is over, I am pretty much thinking of next year's Christmas. One thing I love to do with my family when the holiday season starts is get our Christmas movies out. We watch  a little bit of everything when it comes to Christmas movies. We watch kids movies, funny movies, for me romantic movies and even just good hearted movies. There are so many different ones you and your family can enjoy together. Although, for me it has been a while since I have gotten a new Christmas movie. So, when I had the chance to review the, Thomas Kinkade Presents "Christmas Lodge" DVD, I couldn't have been more thrilled.

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