Friday, October 28, 2011

The Victoria Chart Company " My Growing Up Chart" Review/Giveaway "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

My little Mr. Man Conner is ADHD, which at times it can be really hard to deal with. He has a lot of issues with being able to go too bed, settle down enough to eat, behaving, and many more things. We have tried several different things from special diets, these cookies at GNC that is able to help, Fish Oil supplements, and some other things. We have even talked to his DR. about medication. I never thought I would think about medicine but due to the fact that it is hard on his teachers at school, I have started to think about it. Although, he isn't able to try any medicine until he is five, which isn't until May. Until then we are still trying all kinds of different things. 

I was so thrilled when I was given the chance to work with The Victoria Chart Company. They have charts that help with children with no issues to children that may need help. These charts are amazing and I was really surprised at how well this company has helped with my little boy. 

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BlenderBottle Review/Giveaway "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

Hubby loves making protein shakes but getting out a blinder can be more annoying then what it is worth. We also make a lot of salad dressing, pancakes, sauces and so much more. The problem we have though, is making them. Usually I have to get a bowl, ingredients, measuring spoons or cups and also the blender or mixer. So, many things and such a huge mess to make these things. Also, all the mixing and stirring, at the end I just didn't feel like it mixed enough. So, when I was sent a few items to review for the BlenderBottle, which for me is a one of a kind item for making my life much easier in the kitchen.