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Yoga By The Dozen DVD Review/Giveaway

Discover an exercise that for our little ones can teach respect, coordination, and self-confidence.  Children are naturally great at yoga because of their in the moment attitude and their flexibilities. Yoga helps nourish their mind, body and spirit and paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness. As a mom I think exercise is really important in my kids lives. I am not saying they need to lose way but, it does help them stay fit and healthy. By starting them at a young age teaching them the importance of keeping their bodies healthy. This will hopefully keep them in the routine of doing it for a lifetime. Yoga By The Dozen offers a way to help me do this.

Beating The Marriage Odds By. William R. Campbell "Book" Review

This book caught my attention just by simply reading the back cover. The book can be used as a great counseling manual for anyone wanting to get married, build their marriage, or save their marriage. Although, the book is written for Christians it can be used for anyone. The book offers tons of principles that can help create healthy relationships. The book is backed up by statistics, examples, and scriptures. As Mr. Campbell stats that in a marriage you work together as a team. I agree with that statement. As my husband and I have issues as any marriage. I love the fact that we work together as a team. From parenting, finances, and bonding.

He uses the example that I find so true: "If you were buying a car and the dealer told you that it had a 50% chance of being a lemon, would you buy it anyway?" Each chapter in the book has such great topics, real-life examples and scriptures that your and your spouse will find so helpful.

The Bun Is Back!

The Bun is back, and it is back in a big way. Michael Duenas, founder of Hair Room Service and celeb stylist (whose clients include: Dianna Agron, Lea Michelle, and Molly Sims) breaks down this chic and surprisingly damage free style! There are many different versions of the bun, tight loose, twisted, puffed out, simple, etc. The bun is being seen everywhere. This offers a clean slicked look, but not to harsh.  You get the height you want and the softness you need. I am so happy to personally know that the bun is back. My daughter and I are always wearing buns.

It is simple to accomplish as well! Here are a few tips:

~When your hair is wet, apply amika's Obliphica Oil and let air dry
~If you don't have the time to let air dry, then you can blow smooth or rough dry, with the amika NRG Professional Drying System, no need for a flat iron or curling iron.
~Once your hair is dry, secure your hair into a tight pony, making sure you brush in all the loose hairs, and placement is at your crown
~If you find yourself getting "bagginess" at the nape of your neck, look up towards the ceiling when securing your ponytail, this will make sure it is very tight
~Once in the ponytail, feel free to run a drop of amika's Obliphica Oil over the top and sides of your head, this will add sine, and remove any flyaways.
~Now simply take your ponytail and wrap into a circle until you have a little of the ends remaining and pin!

Discover The Power Of Dentistry With DR. Pankaj Singh


Dr. Pankaj Singh is an innovator, educator, author and pioneer in the field of dentistry.  With experience spanning over 15 years, Dr. Singh is a world-renowned dentist who’s taking the industry by storm. The founder and CEO of Arch Dental Associates, Dr. Singh specializes in implant, sedation and restorative dentistry, dental sleep medicine and facial aesthetics. In addition to overseeing his three premier New York dental practices in Manhattan, Huntington and Garden City, Dr. Singh is an attending doctor and serves as faculty at LIJ/NS University Hospital in the Department of Dental Medicine and Oral Surgery. He has also served as associate professor in the International Dental Program at NYU College of Dentistry. 

Jollys Garden Clogs and Shoes Review/Giveaway

With Fall in full swing, that means the ground is going to start getting wetter and damper. There is still so much to do outside before the winter is here. I still have yard work to do, racking leaves, and getting the flower beds ready for winter. I spend a lot of time outside doing yard since my hubby works on the river and is gone so much. So, it makes it much nicer when you have a great pair of shoes that offer what you need for your feet. Jollys Garden Shoes and Clogs has been nice enough to send me a pair of clogs. I have to say these have been so nice with all my outside work..

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Skin Free Skin Care Review/Giveaway

Skin Free is a Small, woman-owned business located in rural Nelson County VA. They offer a variety of products for dry and delicate skin. They have expanded to include products for acne, anti-aging, and sun-care. Developed by a community pharmacist to offer safe, natural skincare for people of all ages who have dry skin, sensitive skin, allergies, or skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, post-chemo- or radiation therapy. Products formulated from natural oils and butters based on centuries old remedies. Skin Free Skincare was originally developed to fill a void in the retail market for pure, safe, affordable skincare.