Friday, October 21, 2011

Enjoy Professional Hair Care Products Review/Giveaway

About Enjoy: Our goal is to empower hairdressers with the absolute finest professional hair care products, tools and programs to compete in an ever-changing environment. We are focused on a unique approach in keeping our products truly professional by providing hairdressers with the knowledge and power to prescribe ENJOY products based on customers wants, needs and the understanding of who the true competition is. First, the creation of a professional only product that is higher in quality, healthiness and innovation. Second, flexible salon programs designed for and based on individual salon needs. Third, a strong educational program designed to take the hairdresser to the next level. Fourth, and certainly not last… to consider hairdressers as true professionals and earn their respect. ENJOY takes great pride in understanding hairdresser’s wants, needs and desires. We are firm believers in the “Evolve or Die” philosophy. We change as often as needed to keep up with a modern evolving industry, an industry that accepts change as a tool to keep up with our customer’s wishes and desires.

We Have Winners

Beverly Lewis' "The Shunning" DVD winner is  #177 Laurie Brown

Ginny Owen's CD winner's are #85 Lily Kwan

Jeremy Riddle "Furious" CD winner is #83 Lily Kwan

Calypso Studious It's A Wrap Bracelet winner is  #107 Amy Hollingsworth

Carlito C. Caterpillar’s MathHouse Game Card Set winner is #130 Mindi Blackburn

Cover Your Hair winner is #123 Joy Newlan

Playful Planet "Storyland Yoga" For Kids DVD winner is #120 Kristina Best

David's Cookies winner is #75 Mindi Blackburn

Amika: Love Your Hair Pulse Action Styler System Review" Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

I have been looking for a styler for my hair for a really long time, that does what I need it to do. I have really thick hair. You can't really tell until you start drying my hair, which can take almost 25 minutes. By this point I don't really want to straighten my hair because that will be another 25 minutes. 

Where it is so thick and long, I tend to have to go over and over the same strands of hair to make them straight. I mean my hair is already straight but it still has a lot of body. I need a styler that does the job and also cuts down on the time to straighten my hair. I would also be great if while straighten my hair it would also be more healthier on my hair. We all know that the hear from styler can damage our hair. I was so happy when I was sent an Amika: Love Your Hair Pulse Action Styler System.

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