Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Design Firm

This guest post from Doris Dillon

When I opened my design firm a few years back it was hyper-local. I really only did business with people near my office because I only had so much capacity at the time and I knew that I could only handle so many clients at once and didn’t want to overextend myself. But now that things are trending the way they are and that we’ve moved some of our operations to Japan business is becoming increasingly more global than it’s ever been before. We got business voip service for the office to make meetings with clients easier over the phone and we had to invest pretty heavily in a translation service for the back and forth. We’re really making headway with some of our new Japanese clients and I think this could possibly be the break that really sets us apart from our competitors which is what I’ve been looking for these last few years! I just can’t believe it’s all coming true, owning my own business and actually making my mark on this competitive industry.

Rock N Learn Solar System Audio CD & Book Review / Giveaway

My kids love to learn, which for me is great. But, with certain things I just don't know enough about what they are wanting to learn to teach them. My little one's love to go outside in the summer at nights with the telescope. They love to look at the stars and well they think they are looking at planets, but my telescope isn't that good. It is such a great family fun activity in the summer and well it makes me happy that they enjoy doing things like this. The problem for me is when they start asking me questions about the planets. I do know a little bit, but not enough to answer all their questions. In fact, I do wonder if I answer some of the questions right. So, during my review I decided to review the Rock N Learn Solar System Audio CD & Book.