Friday, October 7, 2011

We Have Winners

Spin Master Redakai winner is #186 Adrienne Hayes

Lundberg Rice Bowl and Stonehouse 27 Sauce winner's are #48 Mindi Blackburn, #2 Jessica King, #157 Kristen, #185 Beckee Johnson and #145 Melissa Wilson

Learning Resources "Double Duel A Sound-Alike Word Game winner is #90 candace flamm

Rock N Learn winner is #195 Allison Lewis

Betty Crocker Molasses Cookie Mix winner is #90 Mindi Blackburn

Theo "Teaching Children God's Word" DVD winner is #77 Daily Woman and #141 Mindi Blackburn

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Sunday Paper Preview

This week in the Sunday paper there will be two inserts. One SmartSource and one RedPlum. You can head on over here and look at what coupons there will be.

Lennah Designs Review/Giveaway

As moms, we are always wanting to keep our little ones safe and happy. From the moment they are born, it a mom's loving care that starts. This all starts with either bottle feeding or breast feeding. The bonding experience you have with you little one during these moments are so amazing. I remember when my little ones where babies they would always want to play with my necklaces during feeding time. Which at times would end up being a bad situation. They would either break my necklace off my neck or tangle it up. This then would scare me that they could possible get hurt. So, being able to be fashionable was put on the back burner. 

GIANT microbes Paramecium Review

I never knew that the Paramecium microbe microscopic organism could be so cute. Typically, when parents or anyone thinks of microbe's our noses tend to curl and our eye brows raise. What if there was a fun and cute way to teach our kids about microbes. They are everywhere and a big part of everyone's life. When I was given the chance to  do a review for GIANTmcrobes, I knew this was going to be fun with my kids.

About the company: Giantmicrobes are plush dolls that look like common microbes. The product line was introduced in July 2002 and has continued to grow beyond plush toys. The combination of humor, education, and sympathy resonates with parents,children, educators, pediatricians, science buffs and many others.

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Snazzy Lites Fun Clip-In Hair Extensions Review / Discount Code 30% Off "Holiday Gift Guide 2011"

I love to fix my little girl's hair different ways and add style to it. There is so many ways to add style to her hair as well as my own hair. Of course glitter is pretty common in the house, we use a ton of it. Other items that can style up hair is bows, scarfs, flowers and so much more. So, when I was given the chance to review Snazzy Lites, I was so excited. For one I get to add a ton of style to her hairstyles. I mean who don't want to add some color to their hair and not actually dye the hair. Another great thing Snazzy Lites can be fixed and styles like real hair.