Friday, September 30, 2011

Playful Threads Review/Giveaway "ADULT POST"

This is an adult post. Links that you click on will take you 
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My hubby has a job that requires him to be gone on the river for 30 straight days. So, of course, when he comes home for his 15 days, there is only one thing on our mind. Now while he is on the boat I tend to take life easy and sleep in big baggy sweat pants with a sloppy shirt. But, I am the only one in bed so why not. Things are different when hubby comes home. I want to be sexy for him and well I still love to see the look in his eyes, that tells me, "You Are So Sexy!" So, when the little ones are in bed I will sneak off to the shower and get all prettied up for him while he is playing a game on his PS3. Of course, all the sexy things I have are well kind of old and frankly just lost their touch. 

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