Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CoverYourHair.com Review/Giveaway

 There are so many hair accessories that one can put into their hair. You can choose from head bands, pony tail holders, hats, ribbons, bows, flowers, well as you can see the list goes on and on. I left a lot of things unmentioned. My little girl has over 30 bows and I still can't find a way to escape buying them. She doesn't  have many flowers but there are a few (which I love) I  just always tend to lean towards the bows. I have recently started to purchase head bands with a pretty bow or flower on them. Plus, I can't forget the beanie's with winter coming up, I can't keep enough of those in our home. I was contacted by CoverYourHair.com to do a review on a few items. I had the chance to review a head band for my little girl and a beanie for me. I will now share my experience with you!

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