Monday, September 26, 2011

Lundberg Rice Bowl and Stonehouse 27 Sauce ~ 5 Minute 5 Ingredient Meal Review/Giveaway 5 Winners

We have a very busy house, sometimes I'm not sure if we have time to relax. The kids and I all get up at 7am to start off the day, which means get the kids ready for school and off they go. Once they are gone I usually go to the tanning bed. This is my 'me time'. Then I come home and clean the house, do some blogging, eBay and maybe before the kids get home, watch a show or two that is on my DVR. Then once they get home I spend some time with my kids plus do homework. Once this is all done, while they are playing, I start on dinner, which by this time I am totally beat and just don't feel like cooking. Once I spend time cooking, and we eat, it is time to give the baths. By this time it is 8:30 and I just am just beat. I know what would make my life so much easier, being able to make a meal in 5 minutes with only 5 ingredients or less. I had the opportunity to work with two amazing companies Stonehouse 27 and Lundberg Family Farms to bring to you all a great 5 minute meal with 5 ingredients.

Malibu C Blondes Weekly Brightner and Miracle Repair Packets Review

My hair is a very important part to my appearance. It is one of the first things that people notice about me. Not only is it one of the first things people notice but it can also tell people a lot about you. I do a lot to keep my hair looking great, from cutting my hair once every 6-10 weeks that way I don't have a lot of dead ends, to dying my hair to my natural blonde color. Now of course, my hair turned very dark after I had my kids, but that is okay when they offer this great product called hair dye. I don't go to salons and get my hair dyed, but I do spend my money on the top of the line products when it is that time to dye my hair again. The problem with my hair is all the pollution, sun and of course water. My hair can turn dull after a month sometimes depending on the season and, well, our water is hard so this can take a huge toll on my hair, and the beauty of it. When 'Malibu C' offered to send me two different products that could help my hair, I was super happy. I mean if I can find a product out there that can help my hair deal with the hard water we have, that would be great.

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