Friday, September 23, 2011

Shakeology Review

So, the last couple of years I just haven't really felt like myself. Of course it could be me aging, having two little ones, or just life in general. At times, I don't feel like I am eating and taking care of my body in a way to keep my nutritional intake where it needs to be. Which, in turn, leads to me lacking in energy and not feeling right. Energy, well, that is another story. I do know the word ENERGY but just find myself with less and less of it. Sometimes I do feel as if I am working on my last leg. I know a lot of this all falls into how I eat. Sometimes it is "oh well, here is a bag of chips for lunch while I am catching up on a TV show or writing on my blog" which often leads to not eating healthy. So, when Shakeology offered to send me a sample to review, I wanted to see if this would give me back the energy that I have been lacking. Plus, what I read was really intriguing.

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