Friday, September 9, 2011

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Montagne Jeunesse Masque "Tomoson" Review

Do you ever find yourself needing a home spa day. We all have days where we do so many things and we wonder how much we can stretch. From kids, cleaning, cooking, errands, clothes, Dr. visits, bills, shopping, and sometimes we try to be the wife and well after that what time do we really have for ourselves. So, stress starts to wear on us, our skin and also our moods start to show how far we have stretched. That is why I try to everyday take at least one hour for myself. One thing I love to do is basically make me feel like I at a spa. You can do this so many ways from lotions, soaking in the tub with candles, or doing facials. Neoteric Cosmetics has given me the opportunity to review three products. After you try these products you will feel beautiful.

Constructive Eating Garden Plate and Utensils Review

Don't play with your food. That is what we heard when we were growing up. Plus, it is something that we say to our kids now that we have grown up. I know my kids will play with their food if they aren't hungry or well they just don't like what I cooked. Which with my kids it seems like they eat like birds sometimes, plus they are super picky. So, a while back I had the chance to review Constructive Eating with my little boy which were these awesome construction vehicle utensils and also a plush dozer. I have had the opportunity to review the Constructive Eating Garden utensils and plate which are for little girls. My little girl is 7 so I knew she was to big but my friend has a little girl that will be three in Oct. so I knew she would be perfect for the review. I mean what little girl don't want purple, pink and flowers all over their plate and utensils.

Wal-Mart brings back layaway for holiday shoppers

So, we all remember the days when Wal-mart had lay-a-way. I sure do. I remember going and putting several hundred dollars worth of items in layaway paying on it for 3 months a I have my stuff. It is so much nicer being able to pay on something that the price is broke up, instead of paying for something that you have to pay in full right away. For us we don't have credit cards we just haven't tried to get any. So, when we get something we pay in full. That can get really hard when you have everything else going on like bills, clothes, food, gas and more.

So, when I found out that Wal-mart is bringing back layaway for the holidays I was ecstatic. I know when they start it up I am going to go and put some stuff in it for the holidays right away. They are saying that if it does good they will keep it around for the rest of the time. At this time they are saying it will only be around from Oct. 17 - Dec. 16. So, basically only three months. So, I will only get to do one layaway. Another thing the layaway amount has to add up to $50. or more to be able to do one. 

If you want to read up more about this you can go here.

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Spin Master Redakai Review/Giveaway

I was never much into trading cards when I was younger but, my hubby was into them a lot. He was really into the Magic Cards. I mean when I was younger I didn't give trading cards a second thought, but once I married my hubby he got me to play Magic Cards, and well my whole idea on trading cards took a huge change. I mean the idea of collecting cards is one thing but when you can trade them and there is a really cool game to go along with the trading cards it is completely worth it. I was sent a Redakai X-Reader Starter Pack by Spin Master to review and it has taken trading cards to the next level. Redakai offers 3-D graphics and animated effects which is totally different then just playing with trading cards. Plus, Redakai was named #1 toy to watch in 2011.