Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

I just love this picture. We got up at 5am and they just couldn't stay awake any longer on the way to Virginia Beach. I know 9 hours is a really long time. But at least they looked comfy.

Original Sprout Worry Free Luxury Review

 Our babies and kids skin and hair is so important to us as parents. We want to make sure that what ever is touching their skin in any way is safe and won't cause any side effects. Plus, we don't want a ton of chemicals on their skins, especially if the little one already has some sort of skin irritation. I love it when I find a product that is safe and also has the quality I am looking for. I want something that is going to do a great job but along with that is completely safe and won't cause any problems. Original Sprout Worry-Free Luxury has given me the opportunity to review three amazing products from their line and well it does holds up to it's name.  

Carmex "Lime Twist and Vanilla" Click Sticks Review/Giveaway

I love to keep my lips hydrated where they don't feel like they have been dried to a crisp. Using something that has a great moisturizing effectiveness to it is really important to help with this. I have tried a lot of different brands and there are been some great ones and some duds. My husband and I both are huge fans of Carmex with the effectiveness it offers. Plus with the different products and flavors is a great plus as well. My husband works on the river and in the winter sometimes he works in -0 degree weather and it can get really cold and we all know what cold can do. Carmex is the one brand he sticks to all winter long because it offers him everything he needs in a lip balm.

Dug LIfe "I Dig NY" T-Shirt Giveaway

There are so many different stores that offer women and only women products. One my most favorite places that are made for us women is Victoria Secret. Undergarments and lounge-wear are very important things that we all wear every day. The problem is men need that place where they can go that offers a huge selection for men and of course only men. Dug, offers quality in undergarments and lounge-wear which is great for any man. Plus, when they feel confident in what they are wearing, we can tell and that is pretty sexy.

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