Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spin Master "Gomu" Review/Giveaway

So, with my little girl we have went through so many stages where she wants to collect from this to that. We have done the buying of Squinkies , Zhu Zhu Pets, Zoobles, Littlest Pet Shop and some other things. Plus, what they offer little girls nowadays how can they not want the whole collection of everything. Now, there is a new crazy among little girls ages 6 and up. Let me say what the craze is, well they are actually really cute and well if I were a little girl I would love them too. Spin Master has given the opportunity to review Gomu which they are really cool eraser that are more then just erasers, I will say that.

Uprinting.com Giveaway

I know for me I am always looking for ways to spread the information about my blog. For other's it may be their blog as well, their Etsy Store, Ebay Store, or they may run a business in their home or out of their home. When it comes to our business or our passion keeping it growing is very important to us. One way to do this is by having different things like  flyers, business cards, posters and even letter heads. But there are also other ways to spread your business. UPrinting.com offers a huge array of products to help build your business. Plus, they would love to offer on of my readers a lovely prize.

DugLife.com 50% Sale

Right now DugLife.com is currently promoting their 50% off sale on all of their men's organic intimate apparel.

Also offered is the "I dig NY" t-shirts that they would love to get people into around the country, and wearing on 09/11. They are looking forward to having the opportunity to join forces with consumers around the nation, and give back to those who risked their lives for others on that very tragic day.

I think this is a great thing and to really remember the day.

Spin Master "Moon Dough Magic Zoo" Review/Giveaway

My kids love to play with dough or basically anything that can be molding into something. I mean my kids can play for hours and mold different things and really let their imagination take over. Plus, I like it when they are playing with something and they are done it is super easy to clean up. Moon Dough is a magical molding dough that is super fun to play. Spin Master has given me the chance to review the Moon Dough Magic Zoo and my kids could not have been happier. 

We Have Winners!

Robert Pierre "I'm All In" CD Winner is #33 Lily Kwan and she said:

Beecology Winner is #115 Joy Newlan and she said:

L'uvalla Foaming Facial Cleanser Winner is #203 Lily Kwan and she said:

Dano Baby Winner is #75 Madeline Jones and she said:

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