Monday, August 22, 2011

Educational Insights "Talking Electron Microscope" Review/Giveaway

So, being a mom it is my place to sit down and help my kids with their homework and help them study. Now that can be fun when it has been years since I have been in school and when my 2nd grader is learning things that I was learning in like the 4th or 5th grade. To be honest I don't remember a lot of things since in live we don't do a lot of the things we learned when we were in school. Sometimes I have to go searching online to find out how to do something so I can even help my little girl. Besides that my little girl loves insects and bugs galore and well I sure don't know anything about them. She is always wanting to learn everything about them that she can. Since I am no help I was so happy when Educational Insights sent me the Talking Electron Microscope to review for them. Also my little girl was too and it couldn't have been at a better time with school in full swing.

Educational Insights "Play Foam" Review/Giveaway

Oh those rainy days when the kids can't go outside to play and they really don't want to watch a movie or play in their rooms. It seems like all they want to do is stay under your feet which is no big deal but you do have things you need to get done. During these times is great for arts and crafts but the problem with that is if you aren't in the mood to clean up a really big mess then you don't really want to get into that. Educational Insights has this amazing Play Foam which are great for kids of all ages over three and does not make a huge mess but offers tons of fun.

Educational Insights "Design & Drill" Review/Giveaway

There are so many things that are cute with little ones. One thing that always gets me and makes me melt is when they they to do things that you do. Whether it be clean like you do or they try to fix things with their little play tools. This is great because they are learning what we do as adults and also they get comfortable with everything. I have seen my little boy more times then I can count getting his tools into his tool box and trying to fix things around the house. So, when I had the chance to review Design & Drill Take Along Toolkit by Educational Insights I was so happy because it offered my little boy something other then just what the tools like black & decker or craftsmen little toys offers. 

Educational Insights "KaMAB!" Review/Giveaway

When I kids start school they have to learn so much so fast. So, it is important to find things that helps them learn and offers a fun engaging time. I know when I was little I was bored with certain things in school but nowadays there are so many things offered to make learning fun. Sometimes they are even learning without realizing it. One particular thing that little ones have to learn, starting usually in 1st grade maybe a little sooner is how to word  build. Educational Insights offers a fund interacting engaging game called KaBAM! which is a quick thinking word building card game.

Jarritos Review/Giveaway

I am traditionally a huge fan of soft drinks. Although, I have my favorites brands and flavors I don't typically try new types. With the last few months thought I have really tried to cut down due to all the sugar and caffeine in soft drinks. So, when Jarritos gave me the chance to review their popular Mexican soft drink made with 100% natural sugar, I was super excited well to try something new that offered what I was looking for now.

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