Sunday, August 21, 2011

NUVO Cooler Recipe

I wanted to share with you a crisp and cool cocktail from Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur to help give summer a proper sendoff this Labor Day weekend. Say goodbye to summer with the NUVO Cooler, a crisp way to celebrate the season. Created with NUVO Sparkling Liqueur, this refreshing cocktail will help you bid farewell the hot sticky months and usher in the new season in style.

NUVO Sparkling Liquor is a premium vodka blended with French sparkling wine and natural nectar and infused with palate-refreshing fruits. Housed in an ultra-chic bottle and loved by everyone from Eva Longoria to Jamie Foxx, NUVO Sparkling Liqueur is the ultimate Fall accessory. 

The Glowing Green Smoothie

Hollywood is buzzing about the exciting news of Hilary Duff’s pregnancy. Just yesterday, the actress and mom-to-be was spotted on her way to a pilates class with a mysterious green drink. That drink is none other than celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie. Made up of about 70% green vegetables, the Glowing Green Smoothie, packed with minerals and chlorophyll, will keep her body healthy and balanced throughout her pregnancy. It is not just the quantity of greens that makes the smoothie so amazing—because the fruits and vegetables are blended (“pre-digestion”), your body is able to absorb more of the vitamins and minerals without working so hard. 





Don't you love those scents that just by the smell of them they make you think of the holidays and next thing you know you have a smile going across your face. Well that happened to me the other day when I put a candle out. I know the holidays is still off some but not really at least for me I am already planning for the holidays. One thing that I have to keep in my home during the holidays is the scents of the holidays that really brings the spirit of the holidays in my home and fills it up,

After-School Snacking Tips for Busy Families


Where I live in South Webster, OH school was back in full swing on Aug. 17 for my daughter but my little boy won't start back until Aug. 29 since he is in preschool. This means my scheduling will start to get a little crazy which in return will cause an extremely nutritional challenge for my kids. Also for myself with trying to get everything done. With all the extra curricular activities we have going on like tumbling, girl scouts, cheer leading, and basketball, and homework for my little girl and not much yet for my little boy than goodness at this time.  So, making sure my kids are eating good and have the nutrition that they need is extremely important that way they can succeed and feel great.

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Creative Danes Dropp! Fruit Bowl Review

I love to find things that I can add to a room and really make it one of those things that when someone walks into the room their eyes will stop on the item. I haven't really had the chance to let my inner designer come out yet with where I live but I will in a few years. But, I love to add a statement to my room while I am here at my home now. I love when something is functional and also is an amazing piece of decor or well art. Emmohome offers such a huge selection of pieces that we use in our daily lives but also has character, is functional and is decor.