Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rio Blu-Ray Giveaway

In Rio de Janeiro, the macaw baby Blu is captured by dealers and smuggled to the United States of America. While driving through Moose Lake, Minnesotta, the truck that is transporting Blu has a minor accident that drops the box where he is trapped on the road. The girl Linda finds the bird and raises him with love. Fifteen years later, Blu is a domesticated and intelligent bird that does not fly and lives a comfortable life with the bookshop owner Linda. Out of the blue, the clumsy Brazilian ornithologist Tulio visits Linda and explains that Blu is the last male of his species alive and he has a female called Jewel in Rio de Janeiro. He invites Linda to travel with Blu to Rio de Janeiro to mate with Jewel and save their species. Linda travels with Blu and Tulio to Rio de Janeiro and they leave Blue and Jewel in a large cage in the institute where Tulio works. While they are having dinner...

The Tastes from Home with Frito-Lay Recipe Contest/Giveaway/Recipe

Oh how certain smells, dishes and tastes can bring me back to home and my child hood. Growing up we had a lot of family dinners where several family members would get together and we would just have a day filled with eating some real great tasting grilling out foods and playing games like horse shoes, crochet, and hide & seek as little kids. I grew up in a small town in the south of Ohio where eating anything goes. We are huge meat and potato eaters and well a lot of garden food added in there. Plus, barbecue always makes food better. Home cooked meals out of scratch is a big thing as well so when someones comes to a cook out with a covered dish you knew that person put a lot of time and energy in that dish and it was going to be so tasty.

Time Island Review/Giveaway

My kids love to play games online. The are always playing games on Nick Jr and also I have found games sites here and there for little ones that they have really begin to like. For my little girl though she is always looking for a game that is more like a virtual world for here where she interacts here character into the world she is in. My little boy isn't really into these yet but he is starting to get into them.  So, when I had the chance to review Time Island online it was pretty great for my little ones. Plus, with all the goodies they were sent they loved it even more.