Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Everyday Minerals Review/Giveaway

Wearing make up for me is used to elevate your beauty. It smooths out your skin, it brightens your skin reflection and gives you confidence. Not only is there foundations, lip stick, powders, mascara, liners of all sorts, but there is also eye shadows and blushes which gives you color. It is what gives you that pop of color and really elevates your beauty. That is why I was so happy to have the chance to review Everyday Minerals with the different choices they sent me in blush's and in eye shadows.

Ore Review/Giveaway

Living green is very important in our home. We haven't turned completely green yet in every part of our lives but a lot of it has been turned into green. Living green offers so many great things to our family we save money, we are healthier and also it saves the environment. One way we try to live greener is to use reusable lunch sacks instead of plastic baggies. Not only does it save us money but it also cuts down on the waste in our home and the landfills. With little ones in school it is really important for me to save as much money as I can when it comes to lunches. If I let my kids eat at school everyday I would be spending $15.00 dollars a week to cover both of their lunches. After a while that really adds up. Another thing that really adds up is baggies when you use three or so during each lunch for two kids it can be around 30 baggies a week that really adds up too. So switching over to snack sacks is such a resourceful way to save money. Ore offers such a nice selection for boys and girls for great prices and in the long run will pay for their selves.

Up & Riding Review and Promo Code

With summer here and us spending so much time near the pool, playing outside being active and soon to the beach. We like to make sure we have the prefect summer wear from sunglasses, shirts, shorts, even swimwear. Plus, be stylish at the same time isn't bad either. With my kids they play hard outside and in the water so I need something that will be able to keep up with them. I look for several things when it comes to active wear and water wear like the quality, material, style and of course price. Plus, when a place can offer me several different brands that is great too. Up & Riding has sent me several items to review and I am sure you all will love their products as much as I have.