Monday, August 1, 2011

Dano Baby Review/Giveaway CLOSED

When you have babies, you are constantly worrying about what they are putting in their mouths. The worst time of that is when they start teething. They want to put everything in their mouths and chew on it, from rattles, fingers, toys, and for mine I even gave them cold wet bath rags to chew on. I know we don't really know how badly it hurts but we do as parents always wish we could take the pain away from them. Now, they make tons of teethers for babies to chew on which has really helped tons and plus there are ones that are safe for them. Dano Baby offers a really nice line of teethers that are safe for them to be in our little ones mouths and also gives us the free of mind at the same time.

L'uvalla Foaming Facial Cleanser Review/Giveaway CLOSED

Having cleansers and creams that are natural or organic is very important to me. My face can be very sensitive with cleansers and creams that have a lot of different ingredients in them. One way to help with my sensitive skin but still be able to take care of my skin is by using natural or organic products on my face. With the natural ingredients my face tends not to get a red tint, break out, dry out or any of those other things. Plus, when I find cleansers and creams that work great and are safe for my face I tend to stick with it. Having the chance to review L'ucalla Certified Organic products was such a pleasure with how well they worked and how nice the left my face.