Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunglass Warehouse Review/Giveaway CLOSED

Sunglasses is one of my most favorite pieces of accessories. I mean you can get so many different colors, shapes, styles the possibilities are endless when choosing a pair of sunglasses. I love to wear black or a bronze color. I have also had gray and white ones too. We can't forget the gold aviator sunglasses which are in right now. The problem with getting sunglasses sometimes the selection is good, you can't find what you are looking for and well of course sometimes the price is ridiculous. I mean I am all for buying great big brands but it would be a lot nicer to have the same look and quality but not pay a lot of money. Sunglass Warehouse offers a huge and I mean huge selection of glasses for men and women with prices that are pretty good on the wallet too.

Save Money By Switching Too Straight Talk 2

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

So, I am not sure how everyone else feels, but me and my hubby feel that our cell phone bill is ridiculous. I mean it is a family plan which is to be cheaper and then we only pay for a certain amount of texting and we do have internet and we still pay out the but to have our cell phone's. I mean when you are paying almost $200.00 a month for your cell phone and the features it is just ridiculous. Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to cut that cell phone in half or well even more? Plus, something that offer's you all the bells and whistles without the two year contract and pay like your cell phone is made out of gold. Straight Talk 2 has everything you need or want.

Can you just imagine what you would do with all the extra money that you would have a month? Oh, for me I could do a lot with the extra money me and hubby could have a nice date night a month, I could get my nails done, take the kids to the movies honestly the possibilities are endless. With unlimited money service only costing $45.00 a month and including; calls, texting, picture texting, and even the internet that there is a hook, line and sinker for me for sure. Plus, you don't have to worry about a contract, activation fee, or a termination fee, which is another great deal.

If you want to call a friend or family member in another country Straight Talk 2 has a way to help with that too. Straight Talk International Long Distance Service is a flexible prepaid calling service that enables you to make international calls from your home, cell or office phone at low rates. I personally know a lot of people who would find this very helpful in their lives.

Another great thing that I really love and I am sure most are wondering how much are the phones? Well don't worry because, reconditioned phones are available from $10.00 with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth capability. Along with the great deal they also have some really great features which is a big deal for me. They have amazing smart phones; touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging, and Bluetooth.

One thing I would love to pass on to you is something that I am sure most of us do all the time anyway. Do plenty of research that way you can find the phone and plan that best fits your needs and wants.

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