Thursday, July 28, 2011

Panty By Post Review

Ok, so all of us women wear some sort of pantie. There are so many to choose from when getting panties there are: boy shorts, thongs, bikini's, briefs,  cheekies, hip huggers, v-string then some like cotton for the comfort. Ok, as you can tell there are so many to choose from sometimes you aren't sure which one to go with. For me it is pretty simple you can either go for the sexy, plain, or comfy. I lean more towards the sexy. Not only does hubby love them but also I love how they make me feel. For me I can't help but think wouldn't it be great if there was a place that sent me a panty in the mail every month. Well, there is Panty By Post has memberships where you can get a pair of panties by the mail every month. Oh, how I do love this. Now, if only I could find a place like this for bras too.

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Smart Lab "Bug PlayGround" Review/Giveaway CLOSED

#11 Mindi

So, I personally haven't met a kid yet that don't like some sort of bug. Either from ladybugs, warms, crickets, potato bug and well so many other little critters. My kids love bugs I mean they will go outside and try to catch and play with. They each carry this little jar around with them to collect bugs, personally I am not a big fan not that they creep me out, I guess I just don't see the thrill in them as much as I did when I was little. The problem with them catching bugs they don't really have no where to keep them as a little pet not sure if you can call them a pet but my kids do. Having the chance to review SmartLab Bug Playground was great for my kids and well they have been happy ever since with the product. Not only do they have a place to keep their bugs but they can also learn even more about the bugs at the same time.

Constructive Eating Review

One thing that I hear from most parents is that they don't like their kids playing with their foods. I mean usually our kids are playing because they simply don't like what they have to eat, at least that is how is with my kids. But, what if there was something that offered eating utensils and plates for playing while eating. I mean can you imagine your little one sitting there not really wanting to eat what you have cooked then you give them utensils and a plate that is made to be played with. Next thing you know your kid is playing and eating the food that they don't like just because they are having fun. Wouldn't that be great. Well with Constructive Eating they offer several different fun eating items for your little boy and little girl.