Friday, July 15, 2011

Garlic Gold Nuggets Review

I love cooking for my family, and while doing so it can be also a fun family activity to do with the little ones. We cook so many things out of scratch from pasta, sauces, marinades, meatballs, vignettes, and so much more. When making things out of scratch I love to add tons of flavors not to hot thought with the little ones I don't want to burn there little mouths. But flavors like herbs, mild spices, and of course I can't forget my garlic. Garlic is a huge part to our cooking in the house the flavor it gives food is well very yummy. I buy fresh garlic where I have to crack it and peel it or simply keep it whole while meets are cooking. Also I buy minced garlic which is dry but I used it in certain recipes. Another great one is garlic salt which has a lot of flavor as well. Garclic Gold offers a huge range of garlic products that can take you food to the next stage amazing and also make your food smell good.

Summer Time Glam While Keeping it Natural and Carefree

With summer here and me getting ready to head to the beach real soon, I can't help but wonder if I am in the right summer style or not with my hair and make-up. But with these great tips I am sure I will be ready for the beach and well around my area as well. Also, since my 10 year class reunion is tomorrow these will for sure come in handy while getting ready. Just as we adopt a lighter, more simplistic approach to our wardrobe in summertime, our makeup should be similarly restrained. Below are some great tips from celebrity makeup artist Carmindy of Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy and renowned stylist Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi Salons to help you keep it natural and carefree.

Free Sample of Garnier Moisture Rescue

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Free Sample of Nivea Touch of Cashmere Body Wash

High Value Coupon for Kashi TLC Pita Chips

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Free Sample of Garnier Fructis Anti-Dradruff

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Yankee Candle Coupon $10.00 off $25.00 or More

Right now you can print off a Yankee Candle coupon that is good for $10.00 off $25.00 or more.This is good for a phone purchase or in stores. Coupon expired 8/7.

Free 7 month Subscription to Parents

Not sure how long this will last. You can get a Free 7 month Subscription to Parents which is being offered by Huggies and Parents.

Free Sample of Tub O'Towels

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Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar is Back

The Unbreakable strength of a shared fragrance from a couple in love. A unique fusion of two personalities, styles and influences, Unbreakable is a representation of the indestructible bond shared by celebrity couple, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom. The unprecedented scent has sold out three times since its February 2011 launch, leaving fans clamoring for more from the high profile pair. Now with the re-release of Unbreakable, the wait is finally over.

Inspired by the strength and balance the couple has found in one another, Unbreakable speaks to something in everyone, a true union of soft and powerful, sexy and fun, strong and sensual. Unbreakable is the first and only celebrity scent designed for a man or a woman, an expression of the couple’s belief that there is nothing more personal than scent. With Unbreakable, Khloé and Lamar capture each of their sensibilities in a fragrance offering both men and women the opportunity to revel in the strength of their love.

The harmonious blend of nutmeg, bergamot and orange fuses sultry geranium, jasmine and dark chocolate with a rich base of cedarwood, amber, sandalwood and musk. The bottle, a minimalist glass structure with a stunning architectural cap, bears Khloé and Lamar’s signature KL tattoo, a representation of their truly Unbreakable bond.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Available exclusively and Dash Stores.

WHAT IT COSTS: Eau de Toilette Spray 3.4oz $45.00, Eau de Toilette Spray 1.0oz $30.00

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Violent Lips "Lip Tattoos" Review

I am one of those people who won't leave the house without make-up, I know it sounds crazy but I love make-up. One thing that I can't do without is lipstick. Not only do I use lipstick but I also use lip balms, chap sticks, lip glosses, lip moisturizers and well a few other things here and there. Although I found I have not tried out something in fact I found out there is something for your lips that I didn't even know existed at all. Violent Lips "Lip Tattoo's" is a whole new thing that takes your lips to the next level if you feel like getting a little crazy. These lip tattoo's are so fun and with the bold colors and designs you will have a lot of fun with these.