Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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SodaStream Review

I am a huge fan well maybe a little addicted to my pop/soda. I drink probably around 5-6 cans of Mountain Dew a day and sometimes I break away from my favorite and get a little wild with some Pepsi. Then you add in my husband when he is home from the river and we go thought 5 or more 24 packs a month of pop. Not to many 2 liter's thought with all we drink I would hate to see the plastic bottles we would accumulate. We have so many can's that we collect them all year long and cash them in right before vacation to give the kids some spending money to buy what ever they want. It works great, if you don't mind spending all the money on pop, smashing cans without trying to get cut, then hauling them to the junk yard. Oh yes it can be fun! So, when I had the opportunity to review SodaStream I knew this was going to be really nice on cutting down on waste, money and for me hoping it tastes great.